How to Draw a Rose

how to draw a rose

Want to learn how to draw a rose? If so, then with this simple instruction you will learn how to draw a rose easy and very quick. The team of decided to make the process of drawing a rose the easiest so that even the novice and most inexperienced artist could become a real master of the art. We divided this instruction into eleven elementary stages, each new stage we highlighted in red to simplify everything as much as possible.


Step 1

We begin to draw a rose from a regular oval, or rather an egg-like figure. Do not try to make this uneven oval too dark, the lines should be very light.

how to draw a rose and stem

Step 2

Next, depict the stem using a long and smooth line. Make a bend either as in our example or at your discretion. This line should also not be made too dark.

how to draw a rose and colour it

Step 3

Now let’s start drawing rose petals. Start with the topmost, inner petals. This very petal needs to be depicted in the form of a line similar to a comma.

a picture of how to draw a rose

Step 4

Now, with the help of two more lines similar to commas, depict two more petals that surround the one we depicted in the third stage.

steps of how to draw a rose

Step 5

In this stage, we will depict the largest rose petals. They should surround the petals depicted in the previous stages.

pics of how to draw a rose

Step 6

At the very top of the rose drawing, depict the last petal. At the bottom of the rosebud, draw three sepals, as the artists of did.

tutorial of how to draw a rose

Step 7

Now let’s give the stem of the rose a little volume. To do this, next to the line from the second stage, depict another line parallel to it.

how to draw a rose easy

Step 8

You can draw a rose with or without leaves, we decided to depict with them. To draw leaves, depict for the petioles on both sides of the stem.

how to draw a rose by steps

Step 9

Now draw the rose leaves themselves. Each leaf consists of two lines, which first greatly expand, then converge at one point at an acute angle.

how to draw a rose by draw so cute

Step 10

Now, armed with an eraser, wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing of the rose. To make it more voluminous and aesthetic, trace your entire work with dark and clear lines.

how to draw a rose cartoon

Step 11

Paint the rose in your favorite colors. The stalk needs to be painted green. Paint the rosebud in any color that you like, because these beautiful flowers come in many different colors.

how to draw a rose

So, dear artists and readers of, was there the instruction on how to draw a rose useful and informative for you? If yes, then visit our other guides, where we show how to draw flowers.

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