How to Draw a Ninja Turtle

How to draw a Ninja Turtle

In this drawing instruction, we will tell you how to draw a Ninja Turtle. We will analyze all aspects of drawing the Superhero Turtle on the example of Raphael. This will be a very simple instruction. After you depict the last stage, you will understand that you are very good at drawing.


Step 1

First, depict the contours of the head and body of our turtle. The head looks like an ordinary circle, and the body already now looks like the outline of a tortoise shell.

How to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles step by step

Step 2

You probably thought that drawing the head of a ninja turtle is very difficult? They have an unusual head shape and very cool facial expressions – it’s probably very difficult, isn’t it? Not at all. To start drawing the head of the ninja turtle, first, we depict a regular line that looks like a smiley face. This line should be wider than the diameter of the head.

Also in this step, we will designate the extremities of our turtle with the help of ordinary sticks.

How to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for beginners

Step 3

Now depict the eyes and the blindfold. To do this you need to draw two horizontal lines. The bottom line should be convex and the top line should be straight. Between these lines, we have a pair of frowned eyes.

How to draw Ninja Turtles easy

Step 4

On the lower part of the face, we draw a curved smiling mouth. From the lateral side, draw a knot and fluttering ribbons.

How to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles easy

Step 5

Using four short lines, we outline the circuit of the neck muscles. These muscles are very similar to the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles.

How to draw Ninja Turtles

Step 6

In this drawing style, ninja turtles do not have large developed arm muscles. Therefore, we simply draw rounded cylinders that correspond to the contours of the limbs from the second stage.

How to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Step 7

Things by which you can distinguish ninja turtles from each other are:

  • weapons;
  • character;
  • color of dressings.

We cannot draw a character. We will definitely work with weapons later. But we will outline the contours of the dressings right now. We see a bandage on the elbow joints and on the wrists. Also in this step, we will depict the contours of the belt.

How to draw a Ninja Turtle step by step easy

Step 8

So we continue to depict our cute pizza eater. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have three-fingered limbs. Therefore, we will draw three thumbs on each hand.
Learn how to draw a Ninja Turtle

Step 9

This step is quite variable. We depict Raphael so in this stage we will work on the contours of the daggers. If you are drawing Donatello you should draw a fighting staff. It seems that such a weapon is called “Bo.”

How to draw a Ninja Turtle for beginners

Step 10

The contours of the legs as well as the contours of the hands do not have the relief that is formed by the muscles. In our case, we have the contours of the legs that are similar to the contours of the pants that slightly expand downward.

How to draw a Ninja Turtle easy

Step 11

Our hero also has three toes. In this version of the appearance, these fingers are very wide and we see them as two small short dashes on the feet. Earlier Turtles had very long powerful fingers.

How to draw a TMNT

Step 12

We are nearing the end of the lesson on how to draw a Ninja Turtle. This step will be a complete analogy to the step in which we drew the bandages on our hands. Here we draw dense tissue on the knee joints and around the ankles.

How to sketch a Ninja Turtle

Step 13

Now depict the circuit of the shell. You cannot imagine a single turtle without this part of the body, right? The carapace should show slightly behind the back of our hero. The contours of the shell should be visible from three sides of the body.
Ninja Turtle drawing guide

Step 14

We erase all the extra lines from the weapons and from the body of our Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team. Also, we check the ratio, posture, and correctness of individual parts.
Ninja Turtle drawing tutorial

Step 15

It is impossible to imagine a different base color for a ninja turtle other than green. Raphael’s corpus should be painted in dark yellow. The traditional color for the Raphael dressings is red. Do not forget the shadows.

How to draw a Ninja Turtle

It was a pretty difficult lesson on how to draw a Ninja Turtle. Your final outcome turned out steeper and more beautiful than our illustration for the last stage, right? If you are unsatisfied with your result, do not forget to write to us about it in the comment and then we will try to parse your mistakes.


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