How to Draw a Dog

how to draw a dog

We read in the comments that you like to draw animals. That is why we created a drawing guide on how to draw a dog.


Step 1

Firstly we will outline the contours of the body of this graceful dog. The head of the dog is noticeably higher than the chest. When moving from head to trunk, the line of the spine forms an obtuse angle.

how to draw a dog easy


Step 2

With the help of several triangles, we form the contours of the face of this cute dog. Sharp ears are located on the head and jaws are located in front of the head.

how to draw a dog step by step easy


Step 3

In this step, we connect the head and body with two additional smooth lines. The resulting neck should expand slightly towards the body. Also at this stage we can draw a pair of graceful paws using the landmarks from the first step.

how to draw a dog beginners

Step 4

Now we can form the contours of the body using two lines that connect the two round shapes from the first step. We also add tail contours.

how to draw a dog cute easy


Step 5

We have an almost complete outline of the animal. We can only work with the outlines of the hind legs. Both legs form obtuse angles. The paw closest to us forms such an obtuse angle that it looks like a straight line.

how to draw a dog cartoon easy

Step 6

We can draw facial features of our dog to make her more lively and realistic. Let’s start to do it. We depict an eye that is very close to the front edge of the head. After that, draw a nose triangle and a long tongue. At the end of the step, we draw small sharp teeth.

how to draw a dog draw so cute

Step 7

Add small but very important details, such as the inner contours of the ear and toes. The areas of tousled wool will also not be superfluous.

how to draw a dog easy step by step


Step 8

We remove extra lines from our beautiful dog. Add the pupil and draw the folds under the tongue. After that, we check the whole picture for errors and inaccuracies.

how to draw a dog easy way


Step 9

Use any color to your taste. We decided to draw a dog with dark hair, which is why we chose a dark gray color. Eyes and tongue should not be too bright. This can damage the realism of your work.

how to draw a dog

If you like to draw animals, you can practice drawing a bunny or cat. We try to create simple drawing lessons for beginner artists, so you can start with any drawing tutorial.

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