How to Draw a Bunny

how to draw a bunny

It’s time to draw animals, isn’t it? We decided to start the cycle of drawing animals with one of the cutest and most beautiful creatures ever.

We are not talking about cats. Although cats are certainly also very good. We are talking about rabbits. That is why we created a drawing instruction in which we will tell you about how to draw a bunny.


Step 1

First, we draw two rounded shapes that are located diagonally. The small figure should be located in front. The larger is located behind. It looks like a tortoise shell.

how to draw a bunny easy


Step 2

You can’t imagine a rabbit without ears, right? Of course, there are different breeds of rabbits with very short ears. However, we will draw a rabbit with medium-length ears. At this point we will draw the contours of the ears.The ear closest to us looks wider than the other because of the angle.

how to draw a bunny step by step


Step 3

With facial features, everything will be very simple. Here we only need to outline an eye that looks like a chicken egg and a small elongated nose.

how to draw a bunny rabbit


Step 4

The rabbit’s face should not look like an ordinary oval. There are cheeks, forehead and lower jaw.It is necessary to make smooth bends in all these places.

how to draw a bunny for kids


Step 5

Another integral part of the appearance of any rabbit is the tail. Let’s draw it in the shape of a rounded shape with jagged edges. We will also draw a small fluff around the chest. This area also looks like a rounded figure with serrated edges.

how to draw a bunny by step


Step 6

So we continue the drawing guide on how to draw a bunny. In this step, we will draw the outline of the forefoot. This is a rounded figure with no upper part, which is divided by two short smooth lines.

how to draw a basic bunny


Step 7

Draw the back foot. She looks like a rounded figure like the front foot. The difference is that the bend of the front foot is directed to the other side. This is very similar to the action from the lesson on how to draw a to draw a bunny cute and easy


Step 8

So we erase the extra lines from our rabbit. We pay special attention to the contours of the lines inside the ears and paws.

how to draw a bunny cartoon step by step


Step 9

Now add some color to our drawing. You can not paint over the bunny to give it a white color. We decided to paint the rabbit brown. Pay attention to the white glare inside the eye.

how to draw a bunny

It was a pretty simple lesson. Your bunny looks really cool, right? If you see any inaccuracies in your pictures, you need to clarify in which step the error was made. If you cannot find the inaccuracy yourself, send us your drawings in the comments and we will help you.


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