How to Draw a Deer

How to Draw a Deer

In this drawing lesson, we will show and tell you how to draw a deer – one of the most beautiful and epic inhabitants of the forest.

As we have said in other drawing tutorials, all mammals are drawn in about the same way. That is, this lesson on how to draw a deer in general terms will be similar to our lessons about a bull or a dog.

But as you understand, all animals have their own distinctive features, and which must be conveyed in the drawing as correctly and beautifully as possible.


How to Draw a Deer

Step 1

Let’s start drawing a deer by drawing the head in the form of a circle, the ribcage, and the pelvis in the form of ovals.

how to draw a deer easy

Step 2

Now connect the head to the ribcage and the ribcage to the pelvis with simple lines. Using the same simple lines, sketch the front and hind legs.

how to draw a deer step by step

Step 3

Now use the U-shaped line to sketch out the deer’s muzzle. Next, sketch out the ears at the top of the head, as the artist of did.

how to draw a deer step by step easy

Step 4

Now let’s get into the details of the deer’s face. Start with the eyes, drawing them just below the ears. Next, go to the muzzle and draw the nose.

how to draw a deer by pencil

Step 5

Using a long, curved line, draw a neck that moves into the chest area. Use a similar line to draw the belly, connecting the ribcage and pelvis at the bottom.

how to draw a beautiful deer

Step 6

Now let’s focus on the most prominent and characteristic part of a deer – its antlers. Begin by sketching the outer edges of the antlers using a pair of long and slightly curved lines.

how to draw a cartoon deer step by step

Step 7

Now let’s move on to the inside of the horns, depicting all the branches, as shown in the drawing from the artists of The pattern of the horns should be symmetrical.

how to draw a cute deer step by step

Step 8

Now let’s move on to the legs, and carefully draw their outlines. When drawing the legs of the deer, do not forget to depict the thickenings in the area of the joints.

how to draw a cartoon deer step by step easy

Step 9

Using a few short lines draw the hooves of the deer. A deer, unlike a horse, is a cloven-hoofed animal, so don’t forget to sketch out this feature.

how to draw a deer easy step by step

Step 10

Now let’s move on to the hind legs, drawing them with smooth and long lines. Please note that the hind legs are quite different from the front ones.

how to draw a deer in steps

Step 11

Further, go to the lower part of the hind limbs and draw the hooves. As you can see, they are made up of literally a few short and simple lines.

how to draw a deer in easy steps

Step 12

So let’s give the deer a more complete and solid look. To do this, carefully erase all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines and trace the drawing to make it more expressive.

how to draw a deer images

Step 13

We decided to use shades of brown to color the deer drawing. We painted the eyes black, leaving white highlights inside them. To make the deer look more voluminous, add shadows.

How to Draw a Deer

So what can you do to make your deer drawing even more interesting?

To get started, you can try drawing trees, mountains, and fields to bring the deer into its habitat. Further, you can draw other animals around. This will make your drawing more lively and interesting. And of course, you can draw all these details using our drawing tutorials.

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