How to Draw a Cupcake

Today we will show you how to draw a cupcake – a very tasty and sweet dessert, loved by many. This tutorial is very simple and ideal for aspiring artists. We divided the whole process of compiling this drawing into six super-simple stages. We will draw each new step in red so that the new lines are very noticeable.

So, do you want to learn how to draw a cupcake? If so, let’s scroll this page down and begin the process of creating a work of art!



Step 1

With the help of several light and straight lines depict such a trapezoid. The lines should be very light so that making changes is not difficult in the future.

Step 2

Using smooth lines, create the upper part of the cupcake. This figure should not be symmetrical. Try to make it the most realistic.

Step 3

A very simple stage in the instruction on how to draw a cupcake. Here we will only need to round the lower edge of the cupcake, as the artists of did.

Step 4

Now take an eraser and carefully remove all unnecessary guidelines from the cupcake sketch. Next, use the jagged lines to create a texture on the top part of the cupcake.

Step 5

Using a series of identical vertical lines, create a texture on the bottom of the cupcake. If you followed our advice exactly, then your drawing should be similar to the example below, created by the artists of

Step 6

And of course the colors. We really love chocolate cupcakes, and so we painted this sketch in shades of brown. But if you like other cupcakes, for example, fruit, you can paint your dessert drawing in pink or beige. In addition, you can add chocolate chips to the top of the cupcake.

So, we finally got to the last stage of the instruction on how to draw a cupcake. And according to tradition, we urge not to stop there. If you want to improve your art skills, then try to create some kind of still life with a cupcake next to some cup or candle.

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