How to Draw a Cup of Coffee

how to draw a cup of coffee

In this very simple and exciting drawing instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a cup of coffee. Previously, the artists of created instruction on how to draw a cup, and this instruction will be very similar to what we showed in that article.

To begin the process of drawing a cup of coffee, you will need your favorite artist kit, whether it is a simple pencil with paper, a graphics tablet or even a smartphone.



Step 1

As in the instruction about a simple cup, we will begin the whole process with the usual oval. This geometric figure should be perfectly even and proportional.

 how to draw a cup of coffee step by step

Step 2

Now create the side faces of the cup using two lines tapering down. Be very careful when depicting these two strokes because they should be as proportional as possible.

how to draw a cartoon cup of coffee

Step 3

At this stage, our sketch will become more like something similar to a cup drawing. To check the proportionality of your sketch, look at it through the mirror and you will see all the inaccuracies.

how to draw a coffee cup easy

Step 4

Let’s fill our cup drawing with aromatic and delicious coffee. To do this, depict a line that will repeat the top edge of the cup.

how to draw a cute coffee cup step by step

Step 5

Let’s now begin to give the cup of coffee sketch a more final look. To do this, create a handle that somehow resembles the human ear.

how to draw a cute coffee cup easy

Step 6

Now create the inner outline of the cup handle. It should largely repeat the intricate line that we created a the fifth stage.

how to draw a hot cup of coffee

Step 7

This stage will be difficult enough, so be careful. Depict a large oval that will serve as a plate for the cup. You can also check the proportionality using a mirror.

how to draw coffee in a cup

Step 8

To make our plate look more like a plate, rather than a pancake, create its lower edge. It is not difficult, just repeat what you see below.

how to draw a perfect coffee cup

Step 9

Let’s clear our coffee cup drawing. Armed with an eraser, wipe off all unnecessary lines to make your sketch of a cup of coffee clean, aesthetic and complete.

how to draw a simple cup of coffee

Step 10

Now arm yourself with colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens and paint the coffee inside the cup brown. You can color the cup and plate itself in any color.

how to draw a cup of coffee

Everything that has a beginning has an end, and the tutorial on how to draw a cup of coffee is no exception.

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