How to Draw a Crayfish

How to Draw a Crayfish

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw crayfish. This is a very rare and unusual animal. We hope this tutorial will help you practice your skills in drawing creatures with an unusual appearance. We have already drawn many familiar animals such as a rabbit or mouse. Now there will be something more interesting.


Step 1

First, we try to depict a diagonal oval. It should be closer to the right edge of the paper sheet. This figure does not have to be perfectly even and symmetrical. Note the slight bend at the bottom of the oval.

Step 2

Add tail and eyes to our figure. More precisely, these will be the contours of the tail and eyes. The tail is a small rounded figure that is located at right angles to the figure from the last step. On the other hand, draw two small circles. These are the contours of the eyes.

how to draw a cute crayfish

Step 3

Draw some segments on the back of our crayfish. The tail of this animal should also be segmented. You can stick to the same number of segments as in our sample.

how to draw a simple crayfish

Step 4

The hallmark of any crayfish is its huge powerful claws. Now we will begin to draw these amazing mechanisms that evolution has created.

how to draw a cartoon crayfish

Step 5

Claws should be very large. One claw should be more than half the body of our crayfish. The claw consists of two pointed shapes of different shapes.

how to draw a crayfish easy

Step 6

It always seemed funny to us how the body of crayfish is arranged. This animal has huge claws and very small paws. In this step we will draw the contours of these little paws.

How to draw a crayfish easy

Step 7

Let’s work with the mustache of our crayfish. We depict the contours of the mustache that look like two diverging elongated figures.

Step 8

So in this step we erase all the extra lines from our animal. Also we make sure that there are no errors in the proportions and shapes of the parts of the body.

How to draw a crayfish easy

Step 9

Color our crayfish in red. Be sure to indicate the white glare in the eyes of our animal. This small detail will make the drawing more complete.

How to Draw a Crayfish

So we finished the lesson on how to draw a crayfish. We got a pretty nice crayfish. We hope your result is even better. Do not forget to share your work with us or write about those things that you did not like. We try to create the best drawing lessons for you!

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