How to Draw a Couch

how to draw a couch

The team of has already created many interior details, such as a chair and stairs, and today we will show how to draw a couch. This instruction will be very simple by tradition. We divided it into eight elementary stages, each of which we painted red to simplify the learning process as much as possible.


Step 1

To begin with, depict a long and narrow rectangle. This geometric figure will later turn into the front of the couch.

how to draw a couch step by step

Step 2

Now depict the side and top surface of the sofa. If you did everything correctly, then you should get such a long and narrow cuboid (rectangular cube).

how to draw a couch step by step easy

Step 3

Draw two lines at the edges of the cuboid. Thus, we separated the side linings and armrests from the rest of the sofa.

how to draw a basic couch

Step 4

This stage will be a little more difficult than the previous ones. Depict the back of the couch at an angle, as did the artists of in the example below.

how to draw a sofa step by step

Step 5

Now let’s depict the seats of the sofa. The bottom line should be flat and the top convex. The seat and backrest consist of two sections, but you can depict three or more sections.

how to draw a couch easy step by step

Step 6

Now let’s move on to the bottom of the couch and depict the legs. They can be angular, as in the example, drawn by the artists of, or rounded.

how to draw a couch on paper

Step 7

Now put the pencil aside and take an eraser. Clean the sofa drawing by removing all lines we don’t need anymore and making the artwork clean, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

how to draw a small couch

Step 8

It’s time to paint the couch. We painted the sofa in ivory, but you can color it in any other color. To achieve greater volume, add shadows, as did the artists of

how to draw a couch

The eight steps have been learned, and now you know how to draw a couch. As you can see, there were no complex geometric shapes and details, but the sofa drawing looks quite realistic and voluminous. Visit our other categories to learn how to draw a wide variety of subjects.

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