How to Draw a Chair

how to draw a chair

Each aspiring artist, barely embarking on the path of art, tries to learn how to draw a chair, a rose, a tree, and an eye. Since most of the above are already on, so today we will show you how to draw a chair.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a chair with simple geometric shapes. Mark such a cube with very light lines. This will be the bottom of the chair.

how to draw a chair cartoon

Step 2

Now depict the top of the chair. You can repeat the form as in the example sketched by the artists of or come up with your own form.

how to draw a cool chair

Step 3

Now depict the seat of the chair. In our example, it is a soft surface and has rounded edges. Do not try to make the lines too dark and clear.

how to draw a chair for beginners

Step 4

Now depict the legs of the chair using straight lines. Consider the perspective when you draw the legs.

how to draw a good chair

Step 5

Use straight lines to depict the apron at the top of the legs. Between the legs, in the central part, you can depict spindle.

show me how to draw a chair

Step 6

Uncomfortable to sit on a chair with three legs, right? Let’s fix this situation, and depict the fourth leg, following the example of the other legs.

how to draw a chair sketch

Step 7

Let’s get down to the details of the back. To do this, depict two lines repeating the side lines from the second stage.

how to draw a wooden chair

Step 8

Give the back of the chair a three-dimensional look using additional lines. Next, depict the backrest. Again, the backrest as in our example, or come up with your own design.

chair drawing easy

Step 9

Use the eraser to wipe off all guidelines from the chair drawing. To make the picture clear and dark, trace it with a darker pencil or ink.

chair drawing picture

Step 10

Paint the chair in some beautiful colors. We used brown and beige colors, but you can paint the chair in any other color.

how to draw a chair

If you got to this afterword, then most likely you have already learned how to draw a chair. You can make a chair drawing as a separate work of art, or add some additional details to it. For example, you can depict a table next to it or a person sitting on it.

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