How to Draw a Corn Cob

How to draw a corn cob

Our site is called, and as the name implies, we show how to draw different things in the most simple but aesthetic way. Today we will show how to draw a corn cob, trying to comply with all our principles, making the tutorial not only simple but also beautiful. So, grab your favorite drawing tools and dive into the process of creating a new work of art.


Step 1

Corn is essentially an ordinary oval. Rather, not the most ordinary, but tapering on one side. So, create an oval, as artists did in the picture below.

How to draw a corn cob for beginners

Step 2

To make our sketch look more like a corn drawing, not cucumber, let’s add the most important details. Using a few long and smooth lines, depict a husk of corn and part of the stem.

How easy to draw a corn cob

Step 3

We continue to turn our sketch into a corn drawing. In this stage, we will do the most important thing – create a texture of corn with the help of intersecting lines. Please note that the grill at the end should be smaller than in the central part.

How to draw a corn

Step 4

Now take an eraser and boldly delete all unnecessary auxiliary lines that we no longer need. Using darker lines than before, trace the necessary lines, making the picture clear and beautiful. By the way, do not forget to add short lines on the surface of the husk so that the picture looks more voluminous and real.

How to draw a corn cob easy

Step 5

Now let’s colorize our corn drawing. The body of corn itself should be painted yellow and the husk green. To make your work of art more voluminous, you can add some shadows. By the way, write to us if you want a separate lesson on how to depict shadows.

How to draw a corn cob

So, we very smoothly but inexorably came to the end of the article on how to draw a corn cob easy.

To continue to improve your knowledge and skills in the field of drawing, try to depict a corn cob as part of still life. Draw vegetables, fruits (for example an apple or a lemon), and other objects next to corn.

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