How to Draw a Basketball Player

how to draw basketball player

If you open this page, then most likely you want to learn how to draw a basketball player. This instruction will be part of the articles on drawing different professions.

Like all other instructions on, this one will be extremely simple. To achieve maximum simplicity, we divided the whole process into thirteen stages, all of the new lines of which we painted in red and wrote a simple and understandable explanation.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a basketball player from his skeleton. Portray the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of ovals. Next, connect these ovals using a line of the spine. The limbs of the basketball player should be depicted using simple lines.

how to draw basketball player easy

Step 2

Two lines on the head will help you further depict the face of the basketball player. Next, connect the head with the chest and the chest with the pelvis, forming a torso.

how to draw a basketball player step by step

Step 3

Mark the upper and lower arms with the cylinders. Depict the shoulder and elbow joints in the form of balls. Complete the third stage by sketching the hands.

how to draw a basketball player easy

Step 4

Now do the same with the bottom of the basketball player. That is, depict the upper and lower parts of the legs in the form of cylinders, and the knee joints in the form of balls.

how to draw a cute basketball player

Step 5

Now the lines from the second stage are useful to us, with the help of which we will depict the eyes, nose, and mouth. Now adjust the contours of the jaw to make it more realistic.

how to draw a cool basketball player

Step 6

Now depict a hairstyle, which can be exactly as in the example from the artists of, or have a different shape. In the same sixth stage, depict the ears. By the way, in order to learn how to build a head on the paper, visit an instruction about a head.

how to draw a basketball player easy step by step

Step 7

Now let’s move on to the details of the body. Form the outlines of a basketball jersey. Next, depict all the folds, as the artists of did.

easy way to draw basketball player

Step 8

Now depict a basketball as a perfect circle. Next, form the fingers, as did the artists of in the sketch under these words.

how to easily draw a basketball player

Step 9

Now, with a few simple lines, portray spacious basketball shorts. Now depict the upper edges of the socks and lines of the sneakers.

steps on how to draw basketball player

Step 10

Now put the pencil aside and pick up an eraser to use it to clear all unnecessary guidelines from the head and torso. Use a darker pencil or ink to trace these parts.

basketball player drawing step by step

Step 11

Now use an eraser to wipe off the guidelines from the arms and trace them with a darker pencil or ink. Create the lines on the ball so that it takes on a more basketball form.

basketball player drawing images

Step 12

Finish erasing all unnecessary guidelines from the basketball player’s drawing. Trace all the remaining guidelines so that your basketball player drawing looks more aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

basketball player drawings pictures

Step 13

To paint the basketball player, you can use either the color palette proposed by the artists of, or any other colors. You can use colored pencils, paints or even felt-tip pens.

how to draw basketball player easy step by step

We very smoothly but confidently approached the very end of the instruction on how to draw a basketball player. The team of tried to make everything as simple as possible. Write to us your opinion on this instruction. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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