How to Draw Venom

How to Draw Venom

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw Venom – one of the most formidable enemies of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Venom is a terrible demonic anti-hero from the Marvel universe, capable of bringing everyone into a state of panic and fear.

In this lesson, we will deal with a symbiote, an alien mutant that literally sprouted in a human body. At one point, Venom even seized power over the mind of Spider-Man and became his demonic alter ego.

In this Venom drawing tutorial, we decided to use his classic image, which literally descended from the pages of comics. If you want to learn how to draw Venom in its more modern image, presented in the films, then be sure to write us about it in the comments.


How to Draw Venom

Step 1 – Sketch the Head, Chest, and Pelvis

Draw three fundamental ovals, one of which should show the supervillain’s powerful and broad chest. The pelvis looks like an inverted trapezoid, and the head sits unevenly on the centerline. The axis goes through all the ovals to form the posture.

how to draw venom

Step 2 – Sketch the Arms and Legs

The long and tenacious arms and legs of Venom are positioned so that it can be seen that the villain is in a fighting stance. Venom is ready to attack another victim. Bend the arms at the elbows, they are almost the same length as the powerful legs of Venom.

how to draw venom step by step

Step 3 – Sketch the Torso and Facial Guidelines

At this stage, we need to build the muscles of Venom. Firstly, draw a corset that encloses the pelvic and sternal ovals. After that, divide the Venom head into quarters to shape the future face. Then draw the heavy and sturdy neck.

how to draw venom easy

Step 4 – Add Volume to the Arms

The huge and disproportionate arms of Venom create the image of something unnatural and alien to our planet. Venom is a hybrid creature, so draw his arms using large, rounded shapes, ending with huge, round fists.

 how to draw venom step by step easy

Step 5 – Add Volume to the Legs

Venom is fast and bouncy. He knows how to be out of reach of his enemies with the help of huge and muscular legs. Draw large circles for the knees and broad lines for the lower limbs. Make the feet look like boots – for now, at this stage, we still do not see the division into toes.

how to draw venom basic

Step 6 – Draw the Eyes and Mouth

Venom has a very memorable face, similar to a mask with long streaks of white eye sockets. The absence of a nose and a huge mouth brings the image of Venom closer to the images of demons and skeletons. Draw big eyes and a wide mouth on his head, using guidelines from the third stage.

how to draw venom for beginners

Step 7 – Draw Teeth and Tongue

Venom opened his mouth and bared his fangs. His toothy mouth has been remembered by many comic book readers. Fill the open mouth with a row of sharp teeth. After that, draw the tongue with a couple of long and curved lines.

how to draw venom cute

Step 8 – Draw the Logo of Venom

Spider-Man isn’t the only one using the spider symbol. On Venom’s chest, draw the spider’s legs using long zigzag lines. In the center, draw the spider’s fangs pointing up. After that, underline the trapezius muscles with a bold line.

how to draw venom color

Step 9 – Draw the Arms

Using the construction lines from the previous steps draw the powerful Venom muscles. First, draw the rounded deltoid muscles. Then draw the biceps and the visible part of the triceps. Finish the arms drawing with the forearms.

how to draw classic venom

Step 10 – Draw the Fists of Venom

Now it’s time to draw the fists of Venom. Start with the outlines of the fists, drawing them using dark and clear lines. After that, using the same clear and dark lines draw the knuckles and clenched fingers.

how to draw cool venom

Step 11 – Draw the Legs

Draw the bottom of the logo. The process for drawing Venom’s legs will be similar to the process for drawing arms. Using clear and dark lines draw the thighs first. After that, draw the shins, not forgetting to outline the knees. Finish the stage by drawing huge feet.

Venom drawing tutorial

Step 12 – Erase the Guidelines

Remove the extra lines and leave only the main ones. Further, trace the Venom drawing with darker, sharper lines to make it look more like a comic book character.

How to draw Venom step by step for beginners

Step 13 – Color the Drawing

Use black as the main color. Use blue to paint the outlines. In comics, this is done to make Venom stand out from the background. Paint the tongue red. Leave the eyes and the spider sign white.

How to Draw Venom

We are sure that your Venom drawing has turned out as it should! Let us know in the comments which point was difficult and why. If you are a fan of the superhero genre, leave us requests for new heroes from the Marvel or DC universes.

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