How to Draw the Moon

How to draw the Moon

Do you love astronomy? We hope you love drawing space objects because today we will be telling you how to draw the moon. In this tutorial, we tried to maintain a balance between cartoonishness and realism. We wanted to make our moon not look like an ordinary yellow circle, but at the same time we wanted to make the lesson as simple as possible.


Step 1

As you know, there are several phases of the moon. In our guide, we will show you how to draw a full moon, so the first thing we will do is draw a circle in the center of our sheet. If you want to draw a different phase of the moon, for example a month, you should draw the corresponding silhouette in this step.

How to draw the Moon for beginners

Step 2

Today we will outline the contours of the lunar surface relief. We decided to depict a couple of spots of different sizes, which are located asymmetrically. You can arrange these spots slightly differently to suit your taste. Use light clicks on the pencil so you can correct any possible inaccuracies.

How to draw the Moon step by step

Step 3

So we continue our guide about how to draw the moon. In this step we will outline the outlines of the lunar craters. Place them in random places. It looks like a small oval, from which smooth, curved lines extend in different directions.

How to draw the Moon easy

Step 4

Are there any mistakes in your drawing? Or do you see small inaccuracies? If there are such things, you can fix them with the eraser in this step.

how to draw a moon

Step 5

Let’s add some colors. As you know, the moon appears to us yellow due to the reflection of the sun’s color. We decided to paint the moon in very low light. This is why we chose navy blue and gray blue as the primary colors.

How to draw the Moon

So we hope you enjoyed this drawing guide. If you have encountered any difficulties while working with this lesson, please write to us about it directly in the comments to this post. We are looking forward to your opinions and feedback, this is what helps us create our guides.

It was a pretty basic guide. For more advanced tutorials, you can watch the tutorial on how to draw a stormtrooper.

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