How to Draw Squirtle

How to draw Squirtle step by step

In this simple, but very interesting and informative drawing tutorial, the team of will show you how to draw Squirtle from Pokemon easily and quickly.

In fact, this legendary series appeared a long time ago, but remains popular to this day. Children and adults love not only to watch Pokemon, but also to draw characters from Pokemon. Our readers often asked us to show how to draw a Squirtle, and of course, we cannot refuse them.


Step 1

To draw Squirtle correctly, we draw two regular circles. The lines should not be too flat and ideal. Do not forget that in the future we will make a number of changes and erase the lines that have become unnecessary.

How to draw Squirtle easy

Step 2

In the anime, very large and expressive eyes are often drawn, and the Squirtle character will not be an exception. So, create large eyes with very large pupils. Remember to outline two short lines depicting eyebrows.

How to draw Squirtle Pokemon

Step 3

Now, with the help of two ovals, outline the central part of the pupils. Next, depict a rounded cheek and a sinuous mouth for our turtle Pokemon. Remember to mark the nostrils with two small lines.

How to draw Squirtle Pokemon step by step

Step 4

Squirtle can walk on both hind legs and on four limbs. In our drawing, Squirtle will stand on two legs, and the forelimbs will be extended. So, with a few lines, just outline the arms as the artists of did.

How to draw cute Squirtle

Step 5

Another super easy step in the tutorial on how to draw Squirtle from Pokemon. This character has three fingers, and in this stage, we depict his palms and these three angular fingers.

How to draw Pokemon Squirtle step by step easy

Step 6

As already mentioned, Squirtle in this example will stand on its hind legs. Using a few simple lines, designate the rounded legs of the turtle Pokemon, as in the image below this text.

How to draw Pokemon Squirtle easy

Step 7

Squirtle has three toes on his feet, just like the fingers on his hands. Mark the angular toes, as in the example drawn by the artists of

How to draw Squirtle from Pokemon

Step 8

Now let’s make our Pokemon look more like a turtle. First, depict the outline of the shell with a pair of curved lines. Next, use two even simpler lines to create a shell texture on the back.

How to draw Squirtle with easy steps

Step 9

Now let’s create a texture of the shell on the front of the torso. In order not to confuse anything, try to most clearly and accurately repeat all the lines of the pattern on the shell.

Squirtle drawing easy

Step 10

Now the detail of the Pokemon that distinguishes it from the real turtle – of course, we are talking about his tail. Mark this very tail, which reminds us of the tail of Squirtle.

Squirtle drawing tutorial

Step 11

Now grab an eraser and boldly, but carefully remove all unnecessary lines from your Squirtle drawing. Trace and darken the necessary lines to make the picture clear and beautiful.

Squirtle drawing cute

Step 12

Of course, you can leave your Squirtle drawing black and white, but we think it’s better to give him a little color. Paint his skin blue, the shell in shades of brown and his eyes in purple.

How to draw Squirtle step by step

Today, in twelve steps, we showed you how to draw Squirtle from Pokemon. Be sure to write us your opinion about this lesson, and let us know what else you would like to learn to draw.

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