How to Draw Rudolph

How to Draw Rudolph

We decided to create a lesson on how to draw Rudolph to bring Christmas a little closer. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of the favorite characters for everyone who loves Christmas and New Year. So, we hope that you complete these simple steps. Let’s get started!


Step 1

In the cartoon style of drawing, basic geometric shapes are often used to build a character’s outline. Firstly, we will try to draw three ordinary circles of different sizes with which we will outline the circuit of our deer.

how to draw rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Step 2

Now we will use only lines. Connect the three round shapes with short, smooth lines. After that, draw the contours of the legs. Note that the hind legs cross.

how to draw rudolph easy

Step 3

You remember that we are not drawing an ordinary deer, are you? A distinctive feature of the Rudolph Deer is its red glowing nose. In this step, we outline the approximate contours of this nose.

how to draw rudolph cute

Step 4

With the help of smooth rounded shapes, we will draw a mouth. Firstly, draw the contour of the lower jaw. Secondly, inside this circuit, draw a line that looks like the logo of the Nike Company.

how to draw rudolph cartoon

Step 5

So in this step we will depict the contours of the eye and the contours of the horns. The eye is very similar to a drop that is located horizontally. Horns look like two small mounds. The shape of the eye is very similar to the shape of the eye in the lesson on how to draw a mouse.
how to draw santa and rudolph step by step

Step 6

Depict the circuit of the ear. The ear of our deer is located just above the back of the head.

how to draw santa claus and rudolph

Step 7

We are nearing the completion of the body of the Rudolph Deer. By paired smooth lines we connect the head and body. The upper line extends right from the back of the head of the Deer to its tail. The bottom line is broken and divided into a line that forms the neck and a line that forms the stomach. The belly of this fabulous animal should be slightly retracted. The neck should also look elegant.

how to draw a cartoon rudolph

Step 8

Depict the figuration of the front pair of legs. They taper in a downward direction. At the very bottom of each leg we see another expansion.

how to draw a cute rudolph

Step 9

So in this step we will add a couple of round shapes with a smooth angle on one side. These are the hooves of our deer.

how to draw an easy rudolph

Step 10

Now depict the back pair of legs. Here, the extensions of the trunk and hooves are even more noticeable. The leg closest to us overlaps the distant leg from us.

how to draw a rudolph step by step

Step 11

So we continue the lesson on how to draw Rudolph. Draw the tail to the completed part of the body using a toothed contour. After that, draw a pair of hooves on the hind legs.

how to draw rudolph draw so cute

Step 12

We almost completed the lesson on how to draw Rudolph. Now we need to erase all the excess lines from the body, head and horns of our deer. Do not forget to erase the excess lines from the hind limbs so that the parts of the body of the deer do not look transparent.

how to draw rudolph easy step by step

Step 13

The traditional colors for the Rudolph deer are brown with small patches of gray. Pay attention to the white glare inside the eye. Of course, the nose of a deer should be painted bright red.

How to Draw Rudolph

So we finished this tutorial on how to draw Rudolph. If you followed the correct sequence of steps and were attentive at every step, you got a great result. Do not forget to write to us in the commentary about how you dealt with this drawing lesson. We are waiting for your comments!


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