How to Draw Pikachu

How to draw Pikachu

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw Pikachu. This is a real superstar from the world of Pokemon. Let’s try to draw it as cool as possible!


Step 1

The head and body of our hero look like the basis for a snowman who began to melt a little. The length of the head should exceed the length of the body. By the way, a big head is a typical detail for cartoon characters.

How to draw Pikachu for kids

Step 2

Facial features should be slightly asymmetrical. The nose and mouth should be closer to the right eye. The shape of the eyes should also be different.

How to draw Pikachu face

Step 3

Let’s draw the cheeks of our character. It looks rather strange indeed. The blush on the left cheek is just an oval and the blush on the right cheek looks like a ball that is sewn under the skin.

How do you draw Pikachu

Step 4

Now let’s draw a pair of ears. It is very similar to the ears of a bunny. It is these cute animals that love to move their ears like Pikachu.

Easy to draw Pikachu

Step 5

There are Pokémon that need hands. For example, there is a Pokemon who is a great boxer. Pikachu is clearly not one of those because he has small paws. Let’s draw it.

How to draw Pikachu from Pokemon

Step 6

The lower legs of our hero are also not very large. Pikachu paws look like two small ovals that are separated by short vertical lines.

How to draw Pikachu step by step

Step 7

In this step we will add some small details. First, we connect the head and body with a smooth line. Secondly, we mark the tips of the ears. Thirdly, we will draw a couple of stripes on the back of Pikachu.

How to draw Pikachu easy

Step 8

You might think that this is a simple step, but you need to be especially careful here. Everyone knows what Pikachu’s tail looks like, so the distortion in this step will immediately make your drawing very unlike the original.

Pikachu drawing lesson

Step 9

Look carefully at your Pokemon. If you do not see any obvious errors or problems with proportions, you can proceed to the next step. If there are errors, it is best to fix them right now.

Pikachu drawing tutorial

Step 10

Everyone agrees with bright yellow, doesn’t it? Then it remains to note only the tips of the ears, eyes, tail and blush on the cheeks. A very important thing is the glare inside the eyes. Do not forget to leave them because it affects the completeness of our Pikachu.

How to draw Pikachu


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