How to Draw Olaf

how to draw olaf

Today we will tell you about how to draw Olaf. He is a character from “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”.  This will be a fairly simple cartoon-style drawing lesson.


Step 1

As you know, we prefer to use stickman in drawing complex characters. When we have an ordinary cartoon character, we draw it immediately in the direction from head to toe. Therefore, in this lesson we will draw a pair of round eyes and a beak that has the shape of a raindrop.

how to draw olaf in summer

Step 2

Now let’s create the outline of Olaf’s head. It looks like the outline of a regular flower vase. Do not forget that the contour of the head should be located a little diagonally.

how to draw olaf step by step easy

Step 3

So we continue the guide on how to draw Olaf from “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”. Let’s draw three branches on the head of our character. In the same step, we will draw eyebrows.

how to draw olaf frozen

Step 4

If we have correctly drawn the previous two steps, then now we should have a large empty space under the facial features. In this step we draw a large smiling mouth that fills all this space.

how to draw olaf disney

Step 5

Now draw the torso. In fact, this is just the body of an ordinary snowman. Only there is a small feature – here you see not ideal circles but melted heaps of snow.

how to draw olaf step by step easy for beginners

Step 6

In this step, you can see just a few rounded shapes with irregular rounded contours. In fact, if you are drawing cartoon characters, you should copy all the details as accurately as possible, even if it seems like a very simple task.

how to draw olaf from frozen step by step

Step 7

Add a couple of arms. In fact, you will not see joints here or muscles are just two twigs that stick out in different directions.

how to draw olaf step by step

Step 8

As always, you can see this step, which was created so that you can check your mistakes and inaccuracies. If you did not find any errors, you can delete the extra lines and proceed to the final step.

how to draw a simple olaf

Step 9

Try to find the lightest shade of blue of all that exists in the world. If you find something similar to our example, you can safely use this. If you did not find such a shade, then it is better to leave our character unpainted and work only with shadows.

how to draw olaf

It wasn’t so hard, was it? We hope you get a great result. Do not forget to write comments about your successes because it really helps us work.


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