How to Draw Marshmello

how to draw marshmello

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw Marshmello. This step-by-step guide will appeal to fans of the popular DJ and all budding artists because now you will once again practice drawing a human figure. Marshmello is the musician’s stage name.

In the picture, the musician is dressed in a white suit and has an original white marshmellow-shaped mask. This person is always hiding behind a mask, thereby causing great interest in his person.

The real face of the musician is still a mystery to many fans, but Marshmello does not change his principles and starred in music videos only in a mask. Also, the musician does not talk about his personal life, while maintaining the mystery of the image.
Right now you will draw this unique character. This simple instruction will help you with this, in which each step is visualized and supplemented with a small hint.

How to draw Marshmello

Step 1 – Sketch the base

Firstly, draw the main center line to determine the position of the spine. And, draw three ovals of the head, thoracic region, and pelvic region.

how to draw marshmello dj

Step 2 – Sketch the limbs

Secondly, use thin lines to define the position of the limbs. With the help of small circles, mark all the joints on the arms and legs. This markup will help you correctly depict the human figure.

how to draw marshmello fortnite

Step 3 – Draw the mask

Marshmallow’s mask is shaped like a cylinder, but from this angle, it looks more like a square. So, first, draw the outer outline, then add curly elements to represent the eyes and mouth.

how to draw marshmello step by step

Step 4 – Add some volume to the arms

Draw parallel lines around the joints and add folds at the elbow joints. Depict the shoulders and add smooth lines from the shoulders to the pelvic region on each side.

how to draw marshmello step by step

Step 5 – Draw the legs

Let’s add the basic outlines of the legs. Draw four truncated cylinders as in our reference and add slight tapers to create the hips and slight curves to create the shins.

how to draw marshmello easy

Step 6 – Add the contours of the hands

In this step, try to use only light lines. So, draw the approximate outlines of the feet and hands. Take a close look at the three shapes that make up each brush.

how to draw marshmello the dj

Step 7 – Draw the details

This is a great time to add some details. Draw the belt, the contours of the ribbon on the torso, and some folds of fabric on the lateral borders of the torso.

how to draw a cute marshmallow

Step 8 – Sketch the final outlines of the arms

Draw the outer contours of the arms. Add some bumps and wavy lines to represent the folds in the fabric.

 how to draw marshmello fortnite step by step

Step 9 – Draw the neck and fingers

This is rather strange, but we will draw the neck right now. Also, in this step, we will draw the stripes that form the contours of the fingers.

how to draw marshmello cool

Step 10 – Sketch the final outlines of the legs

Add the outer contours of the legs. It is necessary to depict sufficiently wide pants, so do not try to draw perfectly straight lines.

how to draw marshmello draw so cute

Step 11 – Depict the shoes

Draw the outlines of the sneakers. In fact, you can choose shoes for every taste, but we tried to be as close as possible to the original photos.

how to draw dj marshmello fortnite

Step 12 – Use an eraser

Delete all extra lines. Clean up the drawing, and correct all the incorrectness and inaccuracies from the previous steps.

how to draw marshmello from fortnite

Step 13 – Color Marshmello

Color this talented guy to create a recognizable and familiar look. Small shadows will make your drawing more alive and realistic.

how to draw marshmello

So, this was a guide on how to draw Marshmello. We hope this was helpful to you. Don’t forget to write your opinion in the comments. It helps us a lot to work and create new drawing lessons for our readers.

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