How to Draw a Ninja

how to draw a ninja

Warriors of the Middle Ages is a very interesting topic. Of all the warriors of those times, the ninja are considered the most mysterious and dangerous. So today we show you how to draw a ninja. Let’s start it!


Step 1

Firstly we outline the outline of the body of our warrior. The stickman drawing technique will help us with this. This is a little man of sticks and roundish figures that shows the main proportions of our ninja, his pose and position on a piece of paper.

Character growth is equal to the total length of 6.5 – 7 heads. The chest should be significantly wider than the pelvis. Hands should hang down to the lower edge of the pelvis.

how to draw a ninja easy

Step 2

Let’s work a little with the head and trunk. Connect the head and chest with a short strong cylinder to get the neck. After that, depict a pair of oblique lines from the bottom of the neck to the shoulders. After that, we connect the chest and pelvis with curved lines.

Do not forget to depict two intersecting lines on the face of our warrior. The intersection of these lines is at the top closer to the left edge.

how to draw a ninja warrior

Step 3

We focus on the lines from the first step and depict the volumetric contours of the limbs. It looks like cylinders interspersed with large charms. And we finish the hands and feet that we did not outline at the first stage.

how to draw a ninja cute

Step 4

We were really lucky. We draw an ancient assassin who hides his face. Therefore, we do not need to draw facial features or hair. So we draw a small open area of the face and a pair of frowned eyes.

how to draw a cartoon ninja step by step

Step 5

Now we will depict the outline of the hood. The upper part of the hood coincides with the circuit of the head. The lower part of the hood should be much wider than the circuit of the neck. Right below your head you can see a triangular collar.

how to draw a cool ninja step by step

Step 6

We continue to work with the outlines of our ninja vestments. Now we will depict another larger collar that looks like “Y” letter. Here we outline the contours of a rather high belt.

how to draw easy ninja drawings

Step 7

Meantime, we continue the guide on how to draw a ninja. In this step we will work with our warrior’s hands. You can see the wide sleeves that taper sharply around the upper third of the forearm. We schematically designate the fingers with a pair of straight lines inside the contours of the fists.

how to draw a ninja easy step by step

Step 8

The contours of ninja pants is a pretty interesting topic. The fabric of the pants is much wider than the contours of the legs that we drew in the first steps. On the lower third of the lower leg there is a sharp narrowing.

how to draw a ninja master

Step 9

After we have created the sample outlines of the ninja, we can move on to the details. As always, we will move from head to foot. Therefore, now we remove the excess lines from the head of our warrior and depict clear, confident contours of the final lines.

Do not forget about the folds of fabric on the mask and hood of our assassin.

ninja drawing easy

Step 10

This will be the easiest step of the whole lesson in fact. Now we just erase the extra lines from the trunk and outline the final contours of the collar.

ninja drawing step by step

Step 11

We repeat the previous step only now in the area of the arms of our warrior. We depict dense ribbons on the forearms, pads on the fists and folds of fabric. Make sure that the fabric on the shoulders is much wider than the contours of the forearms.

ninja drawing tutorial

Step 12

We circle the belt and legs of our ninja with thick, confident strokes. Erase excess lines from these areas and add folds to the fabric.

ninja assassin drawing

Step 13

Have you ever seen multi-colored ninjas? It seems that this was in some Hollywood film of the early 90s. In fact, ninjas should disguise themselves and hide. That is why they are dressed in black clothes. And we should use a dark gray color. Black color should indicate folds on clothes.

how to draw a ninja

It was a post on how to draw a ninja. We know that medieval warriors are very popular with artists. On the pages of our site drawing lessons about other medieval warriors will certainly appear. In the meantime, you can draw warriors from comics. For example, we have a guide on how to draw Batman.

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