How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

how to draw llama fortnite

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw Llama from Fortnite. This lesson will be interesting to all fans of this computer game, as well as to those who just love llamas!

It looks like a hollow toy made of papier-mâché or paper, decorated with interesting details and fringes. So, let’s learn how to draw Llama and surprise everyone who knows what Fortnite is!


How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

Step 1 – Sketch the Head and Torso of Llama

This llama will be cartoonish, so keep in mind the image of a different llama that lives in the real world. Draw a rounded square and a kind of oval with a protruding edge.

how to draw llama fortnite step by step

Step 2 – Draw the Eye and Neck

Draw a large eye in the oval and a bold dot in the center. Use two lines to connect the head to the eye and the torso. Nothing complicated yet!

how to draw llama fortnite easy

Step 3 – Draw the Mouth of Llama

Let’s draw the face: draw a line from the eye along with the head and bend it around the nose. With a few simple lines draw out the outlines of the mouth and the teeth inside.

how to draw fortnite llama draw so cute

Step 4 – Draw the Ears

Lama is already starting to look away, have you noticed? Let’s raise the ears of our Lama, drawing them elongated and closely spaced to each other. One ear can be made with a flat edge, the other with a sharp edge.

how to draw a cartoon fortnite llama

Step 5 – Draw the Bridle

Our Llama needs a bridle! It consists of a bit and two types of straps. Lines will mark the belts that encircle the entire length of the head, and fasten them behind the ears. Another strap wraps around the top of the muzzle. Draw two more small circles near the mouth.

how to draw a cute fortnite llama

Step 6 – Draw the Details on the Neck of Llama

And now let’s “stir up” the fur! Llamas, like alpacas, have lush fur. We need to immediately decide what we will represent the fur conditionally. These will be squares (or scales, whichever is more convenient for you) growing out of the llama’s neck. Make it so that the entire neck is filled with “fur”.

how to draw a llama fortnite

Step 7 – Draw the Saddle

Moving on to the saddle. Draw an oblong square. Increase the volume by making a couple more lines side by side. Connect the lines and get something like a box that attaches to the body of Llama.

how to draw a llama fortnite step by step

Step 8 – Detail the Saddle

Those in the know already know that now we have to draw an arrow. Make a volumetric pointer and turn it up. Apply a few more elements over the saddle. It will look beautiful if you draw correct and even lines across the entire square, make a kind of frame.

how to draw a llama fortnite easy

Step 9 – Detail the Front of the Torso

Remember how we drew the neck texture? Great, now it’s time to do it again. Cover the entire area of ​​the front torso up to the saddle with fur. Let the fur squares go beyond the boundaries of the body – that’s even good. So it will be clear that these elements cover the body.

how to draw a fortnite unicorn llama

Step 10 – Draw the Front Legs of Llama

Let’s draw two legs as follows: imagine that we are drawing the legs of a stool and draw lines down. The legs should be stable and short, so at least there will be a feeling that Llama will not fall. We haven’t drawn the other two legs yet.

how to draw fortnite llama easy step by step

Step 11 – Draw the Hind Legs of Llama

Don’t put off drawing the hind legs until Llama has fallen. Draw the two hind legs in quick succession! At this stage, Llama stands firmly with four legs. Check if the legs are the same length. Is the feeling of stability lost due to the fact that the legs are too small and thin in comparison with the whole Llama?

how to draw llama from fortnite

Step 12 – Detail the Back of the Torso

Add fur to the rest of the body of Llama. There is no need for fur on the saddle. Do everything as carefully and accurately as possible. You can condense the squares, but then your llama will noticeably increase and become more magnificent.

how to draw a llama from fortnite step by step

Step 13 – Draw the Tail of Llama

Вraw the tail: randomly arrange three ribbons in close proximity to each other. Give them a lightweight feel as if these ribbons are made of silk.

how to draw a llama from fortnite easy

Step 14 – Erase the Guidelines

Go back to the first paragraphs, where we wrote about the lines that form the main parts of the torso. So, now we need to erase them, but do it so as not to affect our fur squares-scales. After that, you can trace your Llama drawing to make it more cartoonish.

how to draw fortnite loot llama easy

Step 15 – Color the Llama Drawing

To color Llama from Fortnite, use the palette provided in the game. As you can see, purple, blue, and cyan colors for Llama are used here. In addition, we used brown and beige for the details of the drawing.

how to draw llama fortnite

So, here we are completing the work on the llama drawing tutorial. Check your Llama drawing against our result. If suddenly you did not take into account something, then start over. We assure you, all this is drawn easily and simply. The main thing is to read our lessons more often, and of course, suggest your ideas. Have you already figured out who to draw next time?

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