How to Draw an Alpaca

how to draw an alpaca

So, in this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw an alpaca! What do we know about this animal? This furry artiodactyl lives mainly in the highlands of South America. To draw an alpaca, you need to imagine a small horse and then follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an alpaca.


How to Draw an Alpaca

Step 1 – Draw the Basic Outlines of the Alpaca

First, let’s draw two ovals next to each other, and another circle higher – this will be the head, so position it accordingly. The alpaca has a long neck, keep that in mind.

how to draw an alpaca step by step

Step 2 – Draw the Spine and Knees

Draw a long line from the head down to the body, extend it along with the entire posture and carefully turn it into a tail. Further, draw four lines of the limbs without connecting to each other. The hind legs are arched and appear as if the knees are bent backward.

how to draw an alpaca cartoon

Step 3 – Draw the Muzzle of Alpaca

Draw the face: neat and smooth lines should form the mouth, nose and at the same time protrude slightly forward. In animals, if you paid attention, the muzzles have an elongated shape.

how to draw a cute alpaca step by step

Step 4 – Draw the Eyes, Nose, and Hair

Make a small semblance of a hat and cover the head with it. Further, draw a circle-eye. Draw the sinuses with two lines, after which the muzzle of our alpaca will look quite natural.

alpaca drawing cute

Step 5 – Draw the Ears of the Alpaca

Moving on to the ears: place high and triangular ears on top of the head (this is a bit similar to how the ears of cats are located). Note that the ears in the illustration look voluminous. This is due to the fact that we can see two planes of the ear structure – draw a line from the tip of the ear and you will have the same!

alpaca drawing outline

Step 6 – Draw the Neck

The alpaca is of the camel type, which means it is a very furry animal! To show this, separate the muzzle with lines, thereby finally forming the front part. Draw a clear and rich line towards the front leg – this line simultaneously forms a long neck and emphasizes its thickness.

alpaca drawing easy

Step 7 – Draw the Front Legs

The structure of the front paws of the alpaca needs some work: draw powerful paws, narrowing the direction of the lines to the bottom. The leg in the background is slightly different, we advise you to pay attention to this.

alpaca drawing step by step

Step 8 – Draw the Belly and Front Hooves

Вraw the lower part of the body with an arc, connecting the front legs and the rear oval. The oval that is behind is essentially the pelvic part. Let’s finish the hoove part on the front legs. In an alpaca, the hoof is divided in half.

alpaca drawing images

Step 9 – Draw the Hind Legs

The hind legs are more powerful than the front ones, as they include part of the pelvis. Take two lines and lead them down, starting from two opposite ends of the rear oval (remember, this oval is the pelvic part). In the knee part, the lines should “bend” and then rush down to the future hooves.

alpaca drawing tutorial

Step 10 – Draw the Hind Hooves

And here is the hoof! The far one is slightly covered by the near hoof, but as you can see, it looks out slightly. This is because we are drawing in a 3D projection and can trace where the object is closer and where further.

cool alpaca drawing

Step 11 – Erase the Guidelines

Remove all the lines that served as “helpers”. There should be nothing superfluous inside the outlines of the alpaca itself. To make the alpaca drawing look more finished, you can trace it with darker lines.

single alpaca drawing

Step 12 – Color the Alpaca Drawing

In order to paint the alpaca, we used a light beige color. You can tint the lower part of the belly with shadows, shade the neck, beard, and browbones. The hooves are darker than the base color of the alpaca.

how to draw an alpaca

What did we end up with? Is this the same alpaca that lives under the rays of the Bolivian sun in distant South America? Let’s guess – you did it! The alpaca really has four legs, its hooves look like real ones, and the whole alpaca drawing just radiates a sunny Peruvian mood!

This was the alpaca drawing tutorial, and we hope that it was easy and useful for you.

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