How to Draw Jason Voorhees

how to draw Jason Voorhees

We know that many of you love classic horror films. That’s why we created a drawing guide on how to draw Jason Voorhees.


Step 1

So we have a human figure with rather broad shoulders and a strong body. A short neck is also a feature of our character’s appearance. Let’s reflect this in a stickman.

how to draw jason voorhees easy step by step

Step 2

In this step, we will connect the head with the trunk and the chest with the pelvis. Avoid smooth shapes, use rough straight contours. On the face, we outline the location of the eyes.

how to draw jason voorhees step by step

Step 3

Using simple cylinders, depict shoulders and forearms, also, using balls, depict the shoulder and elbow articulations. Note that the right arm looks shorter due to the angle.

how to draw jason voorhees full body step by step

Step 4

Add the contours of the legs. Our character wears wide tight pants so we cannot see the physiological bends that form the muscles of the legs. You could see this in the lesson on how to draw Spider-Man.

how to draw jason voorhees easy

Step 5

As you know, one of the hallmarks of the maniac Jason’s appearance is the mask. In this step, we outline the contours of the eye holes and the side edge of the mask.

jason voorhees drawing easy

Step 6

So in this step, we outline the contours of clothing. Jason is dressed in a wide loose jacket, so we need to depict straight rough contours with a small collar at the top.

jason voorhees drawing step by step

Step 7

Now, with a few small curved lines, we depict the fingers. You can just repeat everything as the artists of did. Don’t forget to create shirt cuffs.

jason voorhees drawing tutorial

Step 8

In this step, everything will be very simple. Here we depict the contours of the pants that look like two columns with a slight narrowing down.

jason voorhees cartoon drawing

Step 9

A mandatory attribute of any maniac from horror films is a huge knife. Now we will depict this weapon in the right hand of our villain.

cute jason voorhees drawing

Step 10

Now we must evaluate our entire drawing. Consider the correct proportions of the whole picture, pay attention to individual details. So if you have not identified any errors, you can draw some dots on the mask and proceed to the next step.

jason voorhees pencil drawing

Step 11

A real maniac should dress inconspicuously, right? It really is. Therefore, we will use only faded and dull colors. Do not forget to put a couple of folds on the trousers and sleeves of the jacket.

how to draw Jason Voorhees

So it was a drawing guide on how to draw Jason Voorhees from “Friday, The 13th” movie. There are no hard anatomical shapes or unusual angles in this figure. We hope you get a great result. Do not forget to visit

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