How to Draw Ice Cream Cone

how to draw ice cream cone

Do you like ice cream just like the artists of If so, then the instruction on how to draw ice cream cone will be to your taste. By tradition, we divided this instruction into several (in this case, seven) super simple stages, all the new lines in which we painted red for the greatest simplicity.

So, grab your favorite pencils and paper or a graphics tablet and scroll down the page below to start the tutorial on how to draw ice cream.


Step 1

So, let’s start drawing ice cream from the top, that is, the ice cream itself. To do this, depict a circle that does not have to be perfectly smooth and clear.

how to draw ice cream step by step

Step 2

Now, using two straight and long lines, depict a cone. You can depict it using a ruler, or do without it. If your sketch is similar to the sketch from the artists of, then go to the third stage.

how to draw ice cream and colour

Step 3

Let’s now give our ice cream drawing a more recognizable look. To do this, depict the bottom edge of the ice cream lump using smooth lines.

how to draw ice cream cute and easy

Step 4

Put the pencil aside and take an eraser and wipe off the guidelines from the ice cream drawing. Next, create a texture on the ice cream and depict a line on the cone.

how to draw an ice cream step by step

Step 5

Now depict the texture on the cone using a large number of intersecting lines, as did the artists of

how to draw a ice cream cone step by step

Step 6

To make the ice cream cone clearer and more beautiful, trace it with a dark pencil or ink. In addition, you can add some toppings, for example, sprinkling.

how to draw ice cream for beginners

Step 7

Now let’s paint the ice cream. The cone should be painted in light brown. And you can paint the ice cream itself in any color.

how to draw ice cream cone

Seven super simple stages are behind, and if you followed all the instructions from the team of exactly, now you know how to draw ice cream cone.

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