How to Draw Headphones

how to draw headphones

The readers of are very fond of drawing instructions about electronics. And today we will show how to draw headphones using six simple stages. This article will be incredibly simple. We painted all the new lines of each stage in red so that our readers do not get confused in these very lines.

Using this educational lesson, you can draw headphones on paper with a pencil and on a graphics tablet with a pen – stylus.

Step 1

Headphones consist of two speakers (earpieces) for each of the ears. At the initial stage, we will create one of these speakers in the form of an oval.

 how to draw headphones easy

Step 2

Now with the help of another oval, create a second earpiece. These two earpieces or speakers should be at an angle from each other.

how to draw a headphones step by step

Step 3

Using several curved lines, depict a headband connecting these two earpieces. This part can be simple, as in our example, or composite, and have additional details.

how to draw cartoon earphones

Step 4

Continuing the headband lines, depict the lines on the outside of the earpiece that is closer to us. On the second earphone, depict an ear pad, as the artists of did in the example below.

Step 5

Now arm yourself with an eraser, and wipe off all guidelines so that the headphone drawing is clean and beautiful. Use a dark pencil or ink to darken the lines of the headphones artwork.

How to draw beats headphones

Step 6

Let’s paint the headphones. We decided to use a bright red color, and you are free to use any other color. For this purpose, both paints and colored pencils or felt-tip pens are ideal. If you are drawing on a graphics tablet, simply switch to the appropriate brush.

how to draw headphones

We very slowly but surely came to the very end of the instruction on how to draw headphones. If you want to be a true professional in drawing everything in the world, just visit other instructions and other categories on


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