How to Draw Garfield

How to Draw Garfield

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Garfield. He is a lover of tasty and a lot to eat, and at the same time drink all the master’s milk. He prefers lasagna, but if you accidentally put raisins there, then expect displeasure from the cat! The character we came across today is interesting and familiar to everyone from the comedy film of the same name. So let’s get started!

How to Draw Garfield

Step 1 – Sketch the Outlines of the Head

Firstly, draw a large, rounded shape that looks like a flattened, asymmetrical oval. Place the future head of our cat just above the center of the paper sheet.

how to draw garfield the cat

Step 2 – Sketch the Outlines of the Body

Draw a small torso. It looks a bit like a heart sign. Pay attention to the characteristic feature of many cartoon styles – the character’s body is much smaller than the head.

how to draw garfield easy

Step 3 – Draw Garfield’s Eyes

Draw Garfield’s two rounded eyes. These are very large oval shapes that occupy the main part of the head. Please note that these figures are located as close as possible.

how to draw a garfield cartoon

Step 4 – Draw Garfield’s Ears

Draw the ears of our cat. Firstly, depict two small ovals and then add a couple of arcs as in our reference. The shape and position of Garfield’s ears are very different from those of ordinary cats.

how to draw cartoon garfield step by step

Step 5 – Draw Garfield’s Pupils and Nose

So, we continue the guide on how to draw Garfield. Let’s work with small details. Draw two dots within the outlines of Garfield’s eyes. After that add a rounded outline of the nose.

how to draw garfield cartoon

Step 6 – Draw Garfield’s Сheeks

Have you ever noticed that cats’ cheeks look like a smile? As you can see, this rule even works with cartoon cats. So, sketch out Garfield’s cheeks and outline the outlines of the mustache.

how to draw garfield comics

Step 7 – Draw the Front of the Arm

But Garfield’s paws are very different from those of other cats. Draw a vertical outline of the front paw, which is similar in position to a human arm.

how to draw pictures of garfield

Step 8 – Draw the Back of the Arm

Finish drawing Garfield’s front paw and form the rear edge of this limb. Use smooth, curved lines. The roundest and roundest shape forms Garfield’s finger.

how to draw simple garfield

Step 9 – Draw Garfield’s Legs

Draw the outlines of Garfield’s hind limbs. Long and thin legs are very typical of the cartoon style, you probably see a similar technique quite often.

garfield drawing easy

Step 10 – Sketch the Tops of Garfield’s Paws

Draw the upper parts of the rounded paws. Pay attention to the length of these smooth lines. Use Garfield’s head and torso as a guide.

garfield drawing step by step

Step 11 – Sketch Garfield’s Feet

Draw the lower parts of Garfield’s paws. The anterior parts of the paws form large, rounded toes. On the other side are the rounded contours of the heels and straight lines of the feet.

garfield drawing color

Step 12 – Sketch Garfield’s Tail

Garfield has a large, massive tail. In our example, this tail hangs down and rests on the floor. Let’s draw it with smooth lines.

garfield drawing pencil

Step 13 – Delete Guide Lines

Everyone knows Garfield’s typical dark stripe pattern. Draw these stripes and notice the stripes on the tail and forehead. After this drawing, look carefully at your sketch and try to find all the flaws and mistakes.

garfield drawing tutorial

Step 14 – Color Garfield

Use traditional colors to create a familiar and recognizable Garfield look, or create a new look. The mouth and cheeks have a lighter shade compared to the base color.

How to Draw Garfield

So, the drawing is ready! Garfield, as always, is in a funny position. You did a great job, but just in case, check if there are any extra lines inside the drawing. Tell us if you figured out how to create a feline color. In any case, the “cat” topic has not been closed yet, there are still many famous cats in the world of mass media and we will definitely draw them!

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