How to Draw Freddy Fazbear

how to draw freddy fazbear

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a creepy Freddie Fazber step by step. As you probably know, Freddy Fazbear is a grizzly bear animatronic from the series of computer games “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. Be careful – Freddie should be happy with your result!


How to Draw Freddy Fazbear

Step 1 – Sketch the Head and Torso

So, we start a guide on how to draw Freddy Fazbear. Freddie’s head is almost the same size as his torso. Let’s draw an oval with a slight extension at the bottom. Another oval with approximately the same extension is localized below. The shape of the ovals should be curved.

how to draw freddy fazbear step by step

Step 2 – Draw Freddy’s eyes and nose

Draw two eyes and a wide nose inside the upper oval. We do this in stages: firstly, we outline two small circles-eyes, in the center of the circles of the arc, and two more small circles. There is also no difficulty with the nose – it looks like an oblong oval with a barely noticeable tail in the very center.

how to draw freddy fazbear from five nights at freddy's

Step 3 – Sketch Freddie Fazbear’s Eyebrows and Cheeks

Draw the eyebrows over the eyes. Pay attention to the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes. These parts of the face should not be too close. Draw two circles under the eyes, group them closely – they should touch both the eyes and the nose. We will put points inside that will serve as a guide for drawing the hairs.

how to draw freddy fazbear full body

Step 4 – Sketch Freddy Fazbear’s Mouth and Teeth

And now, it’s a little more complicated: draw two more ovals almost at the very edges of the head, then pull two lines down to the position of the mouth. Make the lower part of the mouth look like a “sausage” and place small teeth on top. As you can see, there are two more square teeth on top.

how to draw a cute freddy fazbear

Step 5 – Draw Freddy Fazbear’s Hat

Give Freddie a bit of style: carefully place the hat on the very top of his head. The base of the hat covers the top of the head, and the top hat sits flat.

how to draw freddy fazbear full body step by step

Step 6 – Draw Freddy Fazbear’s Ears

Although Freddie is a character in a horror game, there is plenty of fun in him too. For example, these are rather big ears! Draw two circles, and frame with two more circles – you should get a circle within a circle. So place these ears around the edges of your head so that Freddie looks more friendly in your drawing.

how to draw freddy fazbear draw so cute

Step 7 – Draw Freddy Fazbear’s Shoulders

So, we continue the guide on how to draw Freddy Fazbear. Draw the sleeves. These are two pot-bellied cylinders that protrude from the body, one to the right, the other, respectively, to the left. Place another shape at the ends of the cylinders – this is the animatronic connector.

how to draw freddy fazbear easy

Step 8 – Sketch the Forearms

Sketch the forearms. These are two more similar cylinders that are pulled out of the sleeves. Draw the connectors that are located along the edges.

how to draw freddy fazbear step by step easy

Step 9 – Sketch the Outlines of the Palms

Attach a palm to each hand of our character so that Freddie can shake his hand ominously. As you can see, the base of the palm looks like a curved oval. Each finger and there are 4 in total, consists of phalanges. Each phalanx is an inflated oval shape. Look at your fingers and it will be easier for you to imagine how to draw phalanges.

steps on how to draw freddy fazbear

Step 10 – Draw the Details of the Body

Has Freddie waved his newly drawn palm to you yet? Well, that’s because we didn’t draw a bow for him! We are correcting ourselves: we lower three buttons from the top of the body to the stomach, draw two bows around the top. We frame the torso with another oval – this will mark the clothes that Freddie is wearing. Attach the pelvis to the bottom of the body.

freddy fazbear drawing step by step

Step 11 – Draw the Upper Parts of Freddy’s Leg

Draw Freddie’s puffy legs in the same way as the sleeves. At the edges we will designate a connecting element – it is needed by animatronics to scare random visitors to his establishment.

freddy fazbear drawing tutorial

Step 12 – Draw the Middle Parts of Freddy’s Leg

So continue drawing the legs: go down below and draw two elongated cylinders. Do not forget that mechanical feet will follow and they need to be visually connected to the legs.

freddy fazbear drawing cute

Step 13 – Draw the Lower Parts of Freddy’s Leg

An animatronic is essentially a mechanical doll, a kind of robot. Therefore, Freddie’s feet do not look like bear paws, for example. This is something mechanistic: three square toes, the foot itself is firmly on the ground. Observe strict and clear shapes that contrast with the “chubby” cylinders.

freddy fazbear drawing easy

Step 14 – Color Freddy Fazbear

Color in your drawing. Use traditional colors or create your own color scheme according to your imagination. Darker shades of the original colors are great for shaded areas.

how to draw freddy fazbear

Did you hear the evil laugh? This is Freddie Fazbear. And he seems to like your drawing. It is made quite accurately, and most importantly, Freddie looks pleased! Look at your drawing and tell me, what emotions does the animatronic you draw evoke? Let’s remember what other animatronics or animated dolls do you know?


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