How to Draw Fire

How to draw fire

This drawing tutorial will be no less interesting than all previous ones. Here we will show you how to draw fire. To work, we need a simple pencil, paper, eraser and yellow, orange and red colors. Some skill is required for the quality execution of this work.

If all the art supplies are ready, then let’s get down to the lesson on how to draw fire easily step by step.


How to Draw Fire

Step 1 – Start Drawing the Outline of the Fire

We decided to start drawing from the left side, using ragged lines to outline the flames. Try to draw lines of different thicknesses to make the fire look more realistic.

How easy to draw fire

Step 2 – Keep Drawing the Outline of the Fire

Continue to use long and ragged lines of varying thickness to draw the fire. It is not necessary to repeat the appearance of the flames as in our example.

How to draw fire step by step

Step 3 – Add a Fire Texture

The texture of the fire is drawn in much the same way as the outlines of the flames. That is, in the same way, you should use long and torn lines of different thicknesses. Try to make these lines as different as possible.

How to draw fire easy

Step 4 – Color the Fire Drawing

In any drawing, you first need to start with darker shades, gradually adding more light colors. Following this rule, we will start with the darkest of our chosen colors – red. We color our drawing in yellow, then gradually begin to add orange and finally yellow. Make sure that there are no too clear lines, all transitions between colors should be smooth. The softer the transition between shades, the more realistic the drawing will be.

How to draw fire

We finished drawing one of the four elements of nature that exist on our planet Earth – fire. They say that you can admire the flames forever.

So now we can admire our fire drawing. In this drawing lesson, you learned an important skill – the ability to make a smooth transition between colors, this will come in handy in the future.

We hope you are happy with the result. And if something did not work out the first time – do not be discouraged, gradually everything will turn out better and better. Continuous improvement of skills in drawing and coloring will definitely give good results, and we will help you with this and prepare new exciting drawing tutorials.

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