How to Draw Elmo

how to draw elmo

This drawing lesson will show you how to draw Elmo – a character from the TV show Sesame Street.

Earlier, we showed you how to draw Cookie Monster – another character from this famous television series. It should be noted that both of these characters are drawn in about the same way. The main visual difference is that Cookie Monster is blue and Elmo is red.


How to Draw Elmo

Step 1 – Sketch out the Head and Torso

Let’s start the lesson on how to draw Elmo by sketching his head and torso in the form of a circle and an oval, located above each other.

how to draw a cute elmo

Step 2 – Draw the Eyes

Draw out the outlines of the eyes using two circles. Next, draw the pupils inside them in the form of two small circles.

how to draw elmo by step by step

Step 3 – Draw Elmo’s Nose and Mouth

Start by drawing the nose. It should be located between the eyes. Next, just below, outline the smiling mouth with a couple of simple lines.

how to draw elmo full body step by step

Step 4 – Draw the Texture of the Furry Head

To give the head a fluffy look, use a large number of very short lines located on the line of the head we drew in the first step.

how to draw elmo step by step

Step 5 – Draw the Arms

Now using the same short lines draw the arms. Remember to step away from your Elmo drawing from time to time or look at it in the mirror to see any inaccuracies.

elmo drawing easy

Step 6 – Draw the Hands

Further, using a lot of short lines draw the palms and fingers. As with all cartoons and children’s TV shows, Elmo has four fingers on each hand.

elmo drawing world

Step 7 – Draw the Legs

Now draw a furry texture on the torso. Next, sketch out the legs. They are drawn in much the same way as we drew the arms in the step before last.

elmo drawing pictures

Step 8 – Draw the Feet

So, finish drawing Elmo by drawing his big and fluffy feet. Note that they look more like large house slippers.

elmo drawing images

Step 9 – Erase the Guidelines

To give your drawn Elmo a more finished look, erase all unnecessary construction lines. You can darken the lines to give the drawing a more cartoonish look.

elmo drawing tutorial

Step 10 – Color the Elmo Drawing

Use red for the body and yellow for the nose. To give the Elmo drawing a more voluminous look, try adding some shadows.

how to draw elmo

Recall that Elmo is far from the only such character in Sesame Street. There are a lot of similar furry characters. You can draw them all using the steps from this drawing lesson because all these characters have a similar structure.

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