How to Draw Cookie Monster

how to draw cookie monster

Today, the team has created a new drawing guide on how to Draw Cookie Monster. This is a fairly simple lesson because there are no anatomical features. Our character looks like a toy made of soft material.



Step 1

First, we will draw two round figures. These two figures are so different in size that it looks like the contours of a snowman without a middle circle.

how to draw cookie monster easy

Step 2

Now let’s draw the eyes. You probably remember the special sign of Cookie Monster. We are talking about eyes that look in different directions. This is a very simple and very expressive method of portraying a character who has problems concentrating on important things.

how to draw cookie monster cute

Step 3

It is time to portray the mouth of our hero. You see a huge open mouth that is located on most of the face.

how to draw cookie monster simple

Step 4

Let’s portray the Cookie Monster neck. To do this, we just need to outline two smooth lines that connect the head and body. After that, draw a few short strokes along the entire length of the lines to make it look like wool.

how to draw cookie monster picture

Step 5

Now let’s work with the hands. Hands should be large and wide. It is best to draw ordinary lines first, and then give them a characteristic wool texture, as we did at the last stage.

how to draw cookie monster step by step pictures

Step 6

A Cookie Monster looks pretty weird. However, he has five-fingered limbs. Let’s portray this. Fingers should look like wide and short shapes.

how to draw cookie monster step by step

Step 7

We asked Cookie Monster to pose for this drawing lesson, but he refused to pose without cookies. We could not persuade him to put aside his favorite delicacy. Therefore, we will have to draw a piece of cookie in this step.

how to draw a cute cookie monster


Step 8

So we continue the drawing instruction on how to draw Cookie Monster. Give a woolen texture to the stomach and legs of our character. Yes, he’s not very slim. Surely this is due to cookies.

how to draw cookie monster full body

Step 9

The toes on our character are also very short and thick. The toes look like three smooth semicircles that are located inside the contour of the paw.

steps of how to draw cookie monster

Step 10

We remove all unnecessary lines from our Cookie Monster. This is especially true for the lines inside the eyes, be careful. We look at the character’s pose, proportions and small details. If there are no errors in our drawing, we can safely move on.

steps of how to draw cookie monster

Step 11

In the lesson on how to draw Plankton, we already talked about how difficult it is to draw and color cartoon characters. A slight deviation from the original and your picture is immediately distorted. Therefore, we will use the traditional blue color.

how to draw cookie monster

This was one of the simplest lessons on our site. We hope you get a great result. Visit us often for new drawing lessons!

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