How to Draw Clothes

How to draw clothes

How often do you think that you have trouble drawing clothes? If you have such difficulties, then our guide on how to draw clothes was created especially for you.


Step 1

Firstly, we sketch out the outlines of the shirt. If you are drawing clothes for a character, place these outlines according to the character’s body. It looks like a small rectangle in this step.

Clothes drawing lesson

Step 2

In the same drawing guide, we will show you how to draw pants, so in this step, we will outline the outlines of the pants. You can choose any shape of the trousers and draw the contours of your choice. We decided to choose a strict business style, so we drew outlines slightly tapered downwards

Clothes drawing tutorial

Step 3

Let’s go back to the shirt again. According to our idea, we create a strict business shirt with rolled-up sleeves. You can draw more loose clothing. We in this step draw narrow, short sleeves, bounded distally by curved lines.

Clothes drawing guide

Step 4

The final piece of clothing for this guide is shoes. Agree that sports sneakers are not suitable for the look we have chosen. Therefore, we decided to draw the outlines of strict business shoes. So you can draw any shoe you like.

How to draw male clothes

Step 5

Let’s go back to the shirt. In this step, we sketch out the outlines of the collar and the top of the shirt. The collar looks like a yes small asymmetrical triangle.

How to draw a shirt and pants

Step 6

One of the problems of many aspiring artists is the lack of realism. Attention to detail often helps fix this. Therefore, in this step, we will slightly round the outline of our shirt and add some small folds to the fabric.

How to draw clothes realistic

Step 7

Add folds to the shirt sleeves. We decided to complicate our clothes and that’s why you see the sleeves rolled up. Especially many folds are localized near such areas.

How to draw clothes in pencil

Step 8

Let’s outline the final outlines of the pants. In the pelvic area, outline the pockets and a fastener. At the distal ends, there are many folds that look like short horizontal lines.

How to draw clothes for beginners

Step 9

So we are almost completing the guide on how to draw clothes. Draw the soles of the boots. If this was your idea, draw laces or sports company logos.

How to draw clothes step by step

Step 10

We always leave a special step so that you can evaluate the whole sketch before working with paints. We have not broken this tradition in this lesson. Look at your drawing and see if all shapes and proportions are correct. Fix any inaccuracies with erasing.

How to draw clothes easy

Step 11

Pick any color for your character’s outfit, in our case we chose one color for each outfit and a darker shade of that color for the shadows.

How to draw clothes

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this guide. We are waiting for your comments and your opinions on our work. It is very important for us!

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