How to draw Charmander

how to draw charmander

In this tutorial, we will show how to draw Charmander. This Pokémon is a cute and funny creature that looks like a lizard.

The creator of this character did a good job, and as a result, Charmander has many fans (like Pikachu). The image of the salamander was taken as the basis. Also, Charmander is known as a fire Pokémon, which has a small flame at the tip of its tail. The flame on its tail never goes out and reflects the Pokémon’s mood and state of health.

Charmander is a strong Pokémon that can easily resist many enemies. The Pokémon is capable of exhaling flames like a dragon. So, this is the main feature of this character.

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to draw Charmander

  1. Draw the head and the torso.

    Firstly, depict the head. In this case, the head has an oval shape. Add an elongated torso at the to draw charmander step by step easy

  2. Draw the eyes.

    Secondly, add the eyes. As you can see, Charmander’s eyes are far apart. Draw their outline first and then add the to draw charmander cute

  3. Outline the mouth.

    Thirdly, draw the mouth. The mouth is very wide and takes up the entire bottom of the to draw charmander step by step easy for beginners

  4. Add the rest of the elements on the head

    Draw a small, rounded line. Draw the tongue, and nostrils, and add strokes near the to draw charmander easy

  5. Outline the upper paws.

    Draw smooth lines from the head and torso to the sides. Also, add a small outline of the to draw baby charmander

  6. Draw the toes on the paws.

    On each paw, add four short toes that are triangle shaped. So, pay attention to the direction of the to draw basic charmander

  7. Draw the lower paws.

    Use smooth, rounded lines to draw the lower paws. Then, compare your lines with the to draw charmander step by step

  8. Add the feet.

    Draw the feet that point in opposite directions. So, there are three large claws on each lower to draw charmander pokemon for beginners

  9. Draw the tail.

    Add a tail with two curved lines. It is located on the side of the torso and has a wide base and narrow to draw pokemon charmander step by step easy

  10. Add some details.

    On the belly and on the tail, draw lines to mark the outline where the color will be to draw pokemon charmander for beginners

  11. Draw the flame on the tail.

    In this step, you can finish drawing of the main body parts. Also, you can use freehand lines to draw charmander step by step for beginners

  12. Correct the inaccuracies.

    So, we have the last actions. If you have any inaccuracies left in your drawing, you can correct them in this to draw charmander in steps

  13. Color the Charmander.

    Use two shades of beige to paint the body. Also, use yellow, red, black, and blue. As a result, you will get something like our beautiful Poké to draw charmander

So, you have a new funny creature in your collection of drawings. And, we hope that you did a great job and that Charmander looks like a very funny creature. We’re waiting for your feedback and suggestions, and we’ll create more fun lessons for you based on that.

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