How to Draw Bugs Bunny

how to draw bugs bunny

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Bugs Bunny. This is a very simple tutorial for old-school animation lovers. Just follow this sequence of steps and you will get a really great result!


Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Head and Torso

Firstly, draw an oval to form the future head, just below draw an oblong oval, somewhat similar to a cucumber. The head is much wider than the body. Head height exceeds 2/3 of the body height

how to draw bugs bunny step by step

Step 2 – Sketch the Cheeks and Neck

Bugs has huge and contented cheeks stuffed with fur. Draw large so that they cover part of the head. Sharpen the edges of the cheeks with small strokes and depict a thin neck.

how to draw bugs bunny easy

Step 3 – Sketch Bugs Bunny Eyes

Use narrow ovals to mark the length of the eyes. Draw the hairs on the head with a few strokes. Small circles denote the pupils that are located in the lower parts of the eyes. Bunny seems to be peeking out from behind his cheeks and at the same time looks pleased with himself!

how to draw bugs bunny easy step by step

Step 4 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Teeth

Draw the rounded outlines of the cheeks and the straight outlines of the mustache. Remember to outline the triangular nose and very large rectangular teeth.

how to draw a cartoon bugs bunny

Step 5 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Ears

Draw the outlines of our character’s long, elongated ears. It looks like a pair of long diamonds. Avoid sharp corners, try to draw only smooth lines.

how to draw bugs bunny by steps

Step 6 – Sketch Bugs Bunny’s Auricles

Add the outlines of the inner parts of the auricles. It looks like the scaled-down line outlines from the previous step with missing lateral angles.

how to draw bugs bunny step by step easy

Step 7 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Arms

Using smooth lines sketch out the arms of Bugs Bunny. Notice the angles that are formed by the gentle curves and the distance between the arms and torso.

how to draw bugs bunny cartoons

Step 8 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Hands

Great, now draw the large fingers and palms of our cartoon bunny. Disproportionately large palms and feet are one of the main features of the old-school cartoon characters.

how to draw bugs bunny drawings

Step 9 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Legs

Rabbits have large, powerful hind legs. Draw Bugs’ long legs, which widen downward and where they merge into large, powerful feet. The contours of the legs and torso should form an angle as in our sample.

easy way to draw bugs bunny

Step 10 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Feet

Large paws are indeed a very characteristic feature of the figures of cartoon characters. Bugs Bunny is no exception, so let’s draw some big feet with rounded toes.

step by step instructions on how to draw bugs bunny

Step 11 – Draw Bugs Bunny’s Torso and Tail

There are still a few details left. Draw an inner torso line that is parallel to the outer torso on the same side. Add the outlines of the rounded, fluffy tail.

steps on how to draw bugs bunny

Step 12 – Erase the Guidelines

So it’s time to give our rabbit a complete and clean look. To do this, take an eraser and delete the entire drawing from unnecessary auxiliary lines. Next, take a darker pencil or marker and carefully trace the sketch, making the lines darker and sharper.

how to draw bugs bunny full body step by step

Step 13 – Color Bugs Bunny

In fact, you can use any color for your design. We preferred the original color scheme, so our choice is gray and white. The light pink color is perfect for the inner parts of the ears.

how to draw bugs bunny

So, the most basic things are behind, and if you followed our recommendations, then most likely now you know how to draw Bugs Bunny. We are looking forward to your feedback. Write to us your opinion, because the team of reads all your comments and answers many of them.

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