How to Draw a Rabbit

how to draw a rabbit

The team of has already shown you how to portray a huge number of different animals, and now we will show you how to draw a rabbit. We have traditionally made this instruction mega simple. All stages consist of elementary lines. So, grab your favorite art supplies and start the instruction on how to draw a rabbit.


Step 1

We start all our instructions with the simplest geometric shapes, and this article will not be an exception. Let’s start with the head, portraying it in the form of a ball and the body in the form of an oval.

how to draw a rabbit easy

Step 2

Starting from this stage we will use darker lines with sharper forms. Start with the muzzle of the rabbit and the furry cheek. The front part of the muzzle is similar to number 3.

how to draw a rabbit step by step

Step 3

Just above the figure 3, depict the nostrils as two fairly thick dashes. After that, depict the big eye of the rabbit in the form of an almond-shaped geometric figure.

how to draw a rabbit and colour

Step 4

Now, using two very long geometric shapes, depict long ears, as did the artists of in the artwork lower.

pictures of how to draw a rabbit

Step 5

Now let’s give the ears of a rabbit a more natural and regular look. To do this, portray lines inside each ear. So,our sketch is becoming more and more like a rabbit drawing, isn’t it?

steps of how to draw a rabbit

Step 6

Now, using a few simple lines, depict the front legs of the rabbit with rounded fingers on each paw. By the way, the front paws are very similar to the cat’s paws.

a simple way to draw a rabbit

Step 7

Now let’s move on to the back of the rabbit and depict the visible hind paw. It should be slightly longer than the front paws.

instructions of how to draw a rabbit

Step 8

So, now wipe off all the auxiliary guidelines from the rabbit drawing, then take a darker pencil, ink or marker and darken the image to give it a sharper look.

how to draw a rabbit easily

Step 9

Now let’s paint the rabbit. We used light brown for the fur, pink for the ears and black for the eyes, but you can paint the rabbit white or light gray.

how to draw a rabbit

So, the nine super easy stages behind and the team of really hopes that now you have learned how to draw a rabbit. But that’s not all. You can slightly modify your rabbit drawing. You can add some shadows or grass and trees in the background.

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