How to Draw Bowser

How to Draw Bowser

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw Bowser. He is one of the most famous villains in the world of old-school video games. In fact, we really love video games, which is why we are proud to present you with this tutorial about the iconic character.

How to Draw Bowser

Step 1 – Sketch the Outlines of the Head and Torso

Firstly, draw a large egg-shaped oval that will become the torso in the future. Also sketch out a small, rounded head slightly off to the side. Remember that Bowser is like a turtle that stands on its hind legs.

how to draw bowser jr

Step 2 – Sketch the Upper Parts of the Mouth

Bowser’s design changed. At first, it was dominated by the features of a turtle, in later versions it became more like a dragon, but with a shell like a turtle. Draw the upper part of the mouth and nose in a rounded shape and place it on the head.

how to draw bowser easy

Step 3 Draw Bowser Mandible

Draw the mouth considering the similarity to the lizard. Depict the lower jaw under the muzzle. As you can see, this is a large shape with rounded edges. Place your jaw below to open the mouth of our villain.

how to draw bowser junior

Step 4 – Draw Bowser’s Eyebrows and Eyes

Mark the thick eyebrows at the top of the head with broad strokes. Draw pointed ridges at the edges of the eyebrows.
Our character has rather small eyes, moreover, we can only see one eye. Draw this small but important part of the face.

how to draw bowser from super mario odyssey

Step 5 – Draw Bowser’s Horns and Teeth

Give Bowser the attributes of a dragon. Place the sharp teeth all over the mouth. Round off the large canines. Count Bowser’s teeth – there should be six at the top and bottom. Horns, another dragon attribute, draw where the ears should be.

how to draw bowser from super mario

Step 6 – Draw Bowser’s Shoulders

Bowser has spiked bracelets on his shoulders and arms. Create a shoulder bracelet in the shape of a semicircle and draw on it the outlines of the thorns, which look like circles. Draw a line at the top of the carapace. It is just above the outline of the body and touches the horns.

how to draw bowser mario

Step 7 – Draw Bowser’s Forearms

Draw the developed forelimbs with volumetric ones and do not forget about another bracelet. The whole hand is not yet visible at this stage, and the bracelet seems to embrace the air. Try to fit up to 4 thorns on the bracelet, and on the other side mark the position of our villain’s right hand.

how to draw bowser step by step

Step 8 – Draw Bowser’s Hair

Bowser possesses a dragon-like dorsal crest. Draw a sharp thorn and place it in the thin insert shape. Sketch a mane that resembles the outline of a flame.

how to draw bowser from mario

Step 9 – Sketch Bowser’s Hands

The next step is to draw huge paws. So, draw large paws with folds of skin and sharp claws. It will be ideal if you create the effect as if the paws are grabbing something. Make the paws look like they are grabbing something. Don’t forget the spiked bracelets.

how to draw cartoon bowser

Step 10 – Draw the Outlines of the Torso

Draw the outlines of the plates that are located on the front of Bowser’s torso. Use only smooth and rounded contours, avoid sharp corners.

how to draw cute bowser

Step 11 – Draw Spikes on Bowser’s Carapace

So, we continue the guide on how to draw Bowser. Draw three large spikes that are located on Bowser’s carapace. Each spike has a base in the form of a wide semicircle. As you can see, these spikes are pointing in different directions.

how to draw mario characters bowser

Step 12 – Draw Bowser’s Legs

Bowser’s lower limbs are large and powerful. Spread wide hips to the sides, like a frog that sits on a stone. Draw the lower legs in the same way, powerful and voluminous. With such a powerful dragon body, it’s time to seize power in the Mushroom Kingdom!

how to draw bowser jr step by step easy

Step 13 – Draw Bowser’s Feet

Bowser’s lower legs are very similar to those of a dragon. As you can see, each powerful foot culminates in three sharp claws. Draw small folds between each finger. Don’t forget the chunky, rounded heels.

bowser drawing easy

Step 14 – Draw Bowser’s Tail

Bowser can strike enemies with fire breath, and he also has a tail. Thick tail like a dinosaur. It also has thorns, quite sharp and with an elongated cone. Draw this powerful weapon using a few smooth lines.

bowser drawing step by step

Step 15 – Erase the Guidelines

Excellent! Erase all unnecessary lines with an eraser carefully, without affecting the main drawing. Add volume to the limbs to create the effect of a huge creature. Bowser’s height, by the way, is more than two meters!

drawing bowser jr

Step 16 – Color Bowser Drawing

The color palette in this tutorial will be vibrant and colorful. Color the bracelets dark brown, the spikes and claws white. The ideal choice for the carapace and the top of the head would be green. In general, you can use any color, but we prefer the original color scheme from the source.

How to Draw Bowser

So that was Bowser’s drawing guide. We hope that you did not encounter any difficulties while working with our tutorial. Write your opinion about this lesson and about our work. We are looking forward to your comments!

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