How to Draw Bigfoot

how to draw bigfoot

In this very simple instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a Bigfoot. The principles of drawing bigfoot do not differ much from portraying an ordinary person. But despite this, there are several important nuances that we will talk about in this instruction about how to draw Bigfoot.


Step 1

As with human drawing, firstly you should depict the head, chest, and pelvis, which need to be outlined in the form of ovals. Next, you need to connect all these details using the line of the spine. Using similar lines, depict limbs. Hands should be longer and shorter legs than a human.

how to draw bigfoot step by step

Step 2

Depict the centerline of the face and the line of the eyes, which should be higher than that of a person. Now depict a wide and short neck and a torso with high shoulders.

how to draw bigfoot step by step easy

Step 3

Now depict the shoulder and elbow joints in the form of balls. Create the upper and lower parts of the arms in the form of cylinders. Do not forget to depict hands clenched in fists.

how to draw bigfoot cartoon

Step 4

Use similar balls to draw knees. Next, depict the upper and lower legs as the artists of did. Do not forget to depict the feet.

how to draw bigfoot easy

Step 5

Here we need the lines on the head depicted in the second stage. Outline everything as the artists of did in the sketch below. The face of the bigfoot should have at the same time the features of a human and an ape.

how to draw sasquatch step by step

Step 6

In this stage, we finish creating the bigfoot head by depicting the outlines of the upper part and jaw. Do not forget to depict ears, which should also have a fairly monkey appearance.

how to draw sasquatch

Step 7

Let’s now create the shape of the torso. To make the torso look more realistic, use a large number of short lines to create a fur texture.

sasquatch drawing easy

Step 8

Using exactly the same short lines, depict the fur texture on the arms. Complete the eighth stage creating the visible parts of the fingers.

sasquatch drawing outline

Step 9

This stage will be similar to the previous one. Using a large number of short lines, depict the texture of the fur on the legs. Complete the ninth stage by depicting the feet.

cute sasquatch drawing

Step 10

Now it is time to put down the pencils and pick up an eraser because in the tenth stage we will take care that we clear the bigfoot drawing of unnecessary guidelines.

drawing of sasquatch

Step 11

Now take your favorite colors and paint the bigfoot in shades of brown or white, because no one knows how these strange creatures would look (and yes, of course, they do not exist).

how to draw bigfoot

The instruction on how to draw bigfoot was very simple, and we think that all readers of could master the art of creating this fantastic beast.

Was there the instruction on how to draw yeti simple and understandable? If yes, then write to us about it, if not, then write anyway, because your opinion is very important to us.

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