How to Draw a Football Player

How to Draw a Football Player

Our site has quite a bit of sports, right? We thought about it and decided to create a drawing guide on how to draw a football player.


Step 1

Firstly we will outline the athletic figure of our football player. You see a wide chest and a narrow pelvis. The right arm bends at the elbow and the left arm hangs down freely. Legs are slightly apart. The growth of a football player is equal to the sum of the lengths of seven heads.

how to draw a football player easy

Step 2


So we connect the figures from the first stage to get the contours of the body. After that we draw a small cylinder between the head and the chest. We connect the resulting neck with the shoulders using two oblique lines. And we connect the chest and pelvis to get an athletic figure with a narrow waist. At the end of the stage, add a pair of intersecting lines that divide the face of our athlete into four equal parts.

how to draw a football player for beginners

Step 3

Let’s draw the voluminous outlines of the arms. The arms of our football player look like two cylinders on each side that are connected using three rounded shapes.

how to draw a football player easy step by step

Step 4

In this step we repeat the same with the bottom of the football player. That is, depict the upper and lower parts of the legs in the form of cylinders, and the knee articulations in the form of balls.

how to draw a football player cartoon


Step 5

So we continue the drawing guide on how to draw a football player. Let’s make the face shape more realistic. Add a couple of small angles to mark the contours of the cheeks and chin. With the help of short lines we denote the basic facial features.

how to draw a football player cartoon step by step

Step 6

We continue to work with the head of our invincible athlete. Draw the contours of the ears. The upper edge of the ears should match the eyebrows, and the lower edge of the ears should match the tip of the nose. We outline the hairstyle which is formed by two rounded shapes.

By the way, you can draw any hairstyle for your football player to your taste.

how to draw a cartoon football player step by step

Step 7

In this step we will draw the contours of the t-shirt. You can draw a T-shirt with a collar or with long sleeves.

how to draw a english football player step by step


Step 8

Typically, the hands and fingers of any character are a rather difficult area to draw. In our case, all fingers look shortened except for the thumbs. This is because our athlete clenched his hands in fists. Do not forget about the round ball.

how to draw a cute football player

Step 9

Let’s add some details to the lower torso of our character. We draw the contours of shorts and lines that indicate the location of the laces on the boots.

football player drawing step by step

Step 10

So we created this step to work with small parts. If you have conceived some special design for the shape of your soccer player and ball, then now is the time. You can add a collar to draw a polo. You can also put the logos of a sports company on a ball or uniform.

football player drawing tutorial

Step 11

We always leave one step so that you can remove all unnecessary lines and evaluate the whole picture. Look at the shapes, proportions and small details. Correct any errors and start working with colors.

football player cartoon drawing

Step 12

If you drew a specific football player from a particular club, now you can give it the look you intended. Draw football uniforms, emblems, logos and numbers. We decided to choose a neutral appearance.

How to Draw a Football Player

So if you want to practice drawing representatives of other sports, you can look into our guide on how to draw a basketball player. Do not forget to visit our site for new drawing lessons!

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