How to Draw a Witch

how to draw a witch easy

What day is coming? We do not know what time of year you are reading this post. However, we are writing this post now and we have Halloween coming. That’s why we create a drawing guide on how to draw a witch.


Step 1

First, we draw three circular shapes and connect them using a diagonal line. These shapes should be slightly to the right of the center of the paper.

how to draw a witch on a broom

Step 2

We do not draw a witch in full growth. We chose a dynamic pose. Therefore, in this step, we depict the limbs of our villainous heroine in the form of several sticks that form corners.

how to draw a witch easy step by step

Step 3

It will be a very short stage. Here we outline a horizontal line that will help us draw our eyes and draw the outline of the body using two lines with a smooth bend.

how to draw a witch step by step

Step 4

All our lessons usually have a certain sequence of actions. You may have noticed, for example, that we always move in a direction from top to bottom. And now we will depict the contours of the upper limbs. It looks like cylinders and large balls. Cylinders are parts of the hand and balls are large joints.

how to draw a witch and broom

Step 5

Let’s draw the contours of the legs. You see rather wide hips and legs with a smooth graceful bend. The knee joints look like large balls.

how to draw a witch on a broom step by step

Step 6

There are many different images of a witch. You can see modern business women in the image of a fatal witch. Also sometimes witches look like something very vaguely reminiscent of a person. We chose the image of a witch with all the necessary attributes. Let’s draw it – we are talking about a hat, a mantle and a broomstick.

how to draw a witches broom

Step 7

In this step, we will draw the contours of the face of our witch. As you can see, this is not the most beautiful face with a pointed nose and a curved mouth without teeth.

how to draw a witch broom

Step 8

Now draw the brim of the hat and hair that should be deflected from the plane of the head. We need to portray that the witch flies on a broomstick, right?

how to draw a witches broom step by step

Step 9

To make our witch’s hat look whole and complete, we need to draw its upper part, which looks like an old crumpled cap. The end of this cap should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

how to draw a basic witch

Step 10

So now is the time to work with our witch’s mantle. The details are very important in this step. You can pay attention to the tattered edge of the mantle and many holes in the fabric.

how to draw a witch cartoon

Step 11

The torso lines should be left the same as they were before this stage. The lower edge of the fabric of the sleeves should sag significantly lower than the contours from the fourth stage. It will be cool if you draw a tattered bottom edge.

how to draw a witch cute

Step 12

A witch cannot get a taxi. She prefers a broom, as you know. Therefore, in this step, we outline the rounded outline of the front end of the broom using a guide line from the sixth step.

how to draw a cute witch easy

Step 13

So we continue the drawing guide on how to draw a witch. We draw the skirt of our witch. You can draw it to your taste. However, it is best to make it frayed and add a few holes.

how to draw a witch draw so cute

Step 14

To complete the work with the contours of the body of our witch, we need to draw shins and shoes with long heels.

how to draw a halloween witch easy

Step 15

In this step we will draw a broom. It looks like two rounded shapes that are separated by a small rectangle. The proximal rounded shape should be very small.

how to draw a witch flying

Step 16

You can do without this step, in fact. However, we decided to do it all the same. In this step we will add lines with a slight bend to the broom. This action will help create a woody texture.

how to draw a good witch

Step 17

In this step, we should look at our witch and evaluate the correct proportions, postures and faces. Pay attention to clothes and a broom. If everything is correct and there are no errors, you can start working with colors.

how to draw a witch halloween

Step 18

The classic witch has a light green skin tone and dark robe. Avoid black because it will be difficult for you to work with shadows that are formed in different shades.

how to draw a witch easy

A difficult lesson came out, right? If you coped with all the steps, then you are a real superman. You can try your hand at the same difficult drawing guides, for example, about the dragon.

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