How to Draw a Wine Glass

How to draw a wine glass

To draw a glass of wine is very easy, but nevertheless, there are some important nuances that we will discuss in this instruction on how to draw a wine glass.

To get started, you will need your favorite art supplies, be it classic pencil with paper or more modern drawing tools such as a graphics tablet.


Step 1

All items are made up of simple geometric shapes, and the wine glass drawing is no exception. So, to start drawing a wine glass, first, depict the top face in the form of an oval, that should be as even and proportionate as possible.

How to draw a wine glass step by step

Step 2

Now, using the long U-shaped line, depict the bowl of the wineglass. It is very important to maintain proportionality so that the artwork is beautiful. In order to check the proportions, simply bring your artwork to the mirror, and you will certainly see all the errors in the proportions.

How to sketch a wine glass

Step 3

Now, with the help of two lines, create the stem of the glassware. These two lines should taper slightly downward and have bends at the top and bottom. By the way, depicting stems of different lengths, you will get glasses of different types.

How to depict a wine glass

Step 4

In the lower part, depict the foot of the glassware in the form of a simple oval. Now is the time to check the proportionality of the wineglass sketch again. By the way, if you work on a graphics tablet, you can reflect the picture horizontally, and then you will see all the inaccuracies.

How to sketch a wine glass step by step

Step 5

Now grab an eraser and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from your wineglass artwork. You can also trace your artwork with darker lines to make it sharper and more voluminous.

Learn how to draw a wine glass

Step 6

We conclude the instruction on how to draw a wine glass by adding color. You can paint the artwork either completely in blue, or add blue highlights in the places indicated by the artists of

How to draw a wine glass

So once again, we recall a few important points that will come in handy when sketching a wineglass. Firstly, to check the proportionality of your wineglass drawing, you can look at it through a mirror. If you use a graphics tablet, then just reflect your artwork in it horizontally, and all inaccuracies will also become apparent here.

Secondly, in the first stages, try not to put too much pressure on the pencil, because in this way you greatly complicate the addition of corrections.


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