How to Draw a Walrus

how to draw a walrus

In this drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a walrus – a very large and cute marine mammal.

This animal looks extremely interesting. You will very easily recognize it by its huge tusks, that resemble the saber-shaped canine teeth of a saber-toothed tiger.

This animal is very easy to draw. It has no complex hands or legs. Even the face of this mammal is very simple and consists of very uncomplicated details.


Step 1

So, to draw a walrus, and not be mistaken in proportions, first of all, depict its round head and torso, similar to a large potato. Do not try to achieve perfectly smooth lines.

how to draw a walrus step by step

Step 2

Further, use a couple of lines to connect the head and torso of the marine mammal. As you can see, there are a lot of simple lines in this guide on how to draw a walrus.

how to draw a walrus step by step easy

Step 3

Now draw the long tail of the walrus with a long and smooth line. At this stage, our walrus looks more like a big slug, doesn’t it?

how to draw an easy walrus

Step 4

Now go to the head of the walrus and draw the mouth. The animal’s muzzle should go very smoothly into the forehead.

how to draw a walrus cartoon

Step 5

Now draw a very small eye and two long tusks. Do not try to make the fangs too sharp, because we are not drawing a monster.

how to draw a walrus drawing

Step 6

Now draw the flippers. To give them a voluminous and realistic look, do not forget to depict the folds in the area of the curves.

how to draw a walrus in easy steps

Step 7

Probably the easiest stage of the instruction on how to draw a walrus. All you need to do here is draw the tail flipper with a waving line.

walrus drawing

Step 8

Let’s get into the details and make our walrus drawing more convincing. To do this, draw the nostrils and whiskers above the tusks.

walrus drawing easy

Step 9

Now depict the folds on the body with several lines. This will make the walrus drawing even more realistic and emphasize the volume.

walrus drawing step by step

Step 10

Get rid of all the auxiliary construction lines of the first stages. Further, you can darken the walrus drawing for a more finished look.

walrus drawing cute

Step 11

We used a light taupe for the skin, ivory for the tusks, and black for the eye. Leaving a small round highlight inside the eye will give the walrus a more lively look.

how to draw a walrus

So, the eleven fairly simple stages of the tutorial on how to draw a walrus are completed. Further, you can add shadows to make the artwork more voluminous. In addition, you can depict the beautiful environment of the animal. For example, by depicting ice mountains and ice holes, you will liven up the drawing and give it a more atmospheric look.

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