How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake

how to draw a valentine cupcakeToday we will tell you how to draw a Valentine Cupcake. This is a very simple tutorial with which you can create a very cool drawing. Just follow the order of steps and you will get a great result.

How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake

Step 1 – Draw the Base Lines

Firstly, draw the side borders of the figure in the form of two beveled lines. Plase it in the center of your piece of paper. Try to use as light and smooth lines as possible.

valentine drawing lesson

Step 2 – Add the Bottom

Secondly, draw the bottom of this lovely cupcake. It looks like a short, smooth line that connects the bottom of the lines from the previous step.

how to draw valentine things

Step 3 – Draw the Top Edge of the Paper

This is a small detail that will make your drawing more realistic. Thirdly, add a smooth line with a pattern as in our sample. You can create your pattern according to your imagination.

how to draw valentine stuff

Step 4 – Create a Fold Effect

Draw vertical lines that create the effect of corrugated paper. So, each line corresponds to one semicircle from the previous step. Don’t try to draw perfectly straight lines.

how to draw valentine stuff step by step

Step 5 – Draw the Cream Part

Add the contours of the cream part of this treat. It looks like an inverted Valentine’s sign.

valentine cupcake drawing

Step 6 – Style your Cupcake

Draw a cupcake decoration. In our case, this is a heart sign, but you can draw any shape you like. Avoid too large size of this figure.

valentine cupcake drawing lesson

Step 7 – Add Decoration Elements

So, we decided to add some more stylistic decorations. You can draw any shapes you like or skip this step. Don’t forget to check the lines and shapes of your beautiful cupcake.

valentine cupcake drawing tutorial

Step 8 – Color your Drawing

Choose the most appropriate colors for your holiday cupcake. Add highlights and shadows if you want to make more complex art.

how to draw a valentine cupcake

So, we have completed this drawing guide. We hope you get great results. Do not forget to write about any problems or difficulties you encountered in the course of drawing. In conclusion, we are waiting for your applications for new topics for drawing lessons. We are happy to work for you!

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