How to Draw a Valentine’s Heart

how to draw a valentine heart

Today I will tell you about how to draw Valentine’s Heart. This is a very simple tutorial that will help you create a real holiday card for February 14th. Try to follow the sequence of steps as in this tutorial and you will get a great result.

How to Draw a Valentine’s Heart

Step 1 – Draw the Baseline

Firstly, draw a vertical line in the very center of the piece of paper. This is a good reference point for symmetry. Position it exactly where you want to draw Valentine’s heart.

valentine stuff drawing lesson

Step 2 – Add the Horizontal line

Secondly, draw another horizontal line that intersects the previous line at the very top. Try not to use any auxiliary drawing tools.

valentine drawing lesson

Step 3 – Draw the Lateral Lines

A few more auxiliary lines. A small horizontal line will mark the lowest point of the rounded part of the heart. The lateral lines will help mark the lateral borders of the heart.

how to draw valentine stuff

Step 4 – Start Drawing the Heart

So, draw the first half of Valentine’s heart. Avoid too sharp a bend in the center, try to keep it smooth. You can draw this with many lines.

how to draw valentine stuff step by step

Step 5 -Add the Second Part

Repeat the previous step on the other side. Try to create a symmetrical shape using the lines from the beginning of this tutorial.

valentine heart drawing lesson

Step 6 – Delete the Extra Lines

Erase extra lines from all over Valentine’s heart. Evaluate the symmetry and correctness of the final lines. Correct all errors and inaccuracies.

valentine heart drawing tutorial

Step 7 – Color it

So, color this Valentine’s heart. Red is an excellent choice in this case.

how to draw a valentine heart

So, you have created a great drawing. You can use this shape as part of a more complex composition. It is also a good material to create a holiday card and give to someone you like. By the way, do not forget to write in the comments about how useful this lesson was for you.

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