How to Draw a Valentine Card

how to draw a valentine card

If you want to learn how to draw a Valentine card, you are in the right place. I hope this guide will help you create the coolest card ever. I specifically chose the simplest drawing style for this. Just repeat these steps and you will get great results.

How to Draw a Valentine Card

Step 1 – Depict the Basic Vertical Paths

Firstly, draw the vertical borders of your Valentine card. Place this in the center of the paper.

How to draw valentine stuff step by step

Step 2 -Add the Horizontal Lines

Secondly, draw horizontal borders. The location of these lines depends on how elongated the postcard you originally intended.

how to draw a valentine card step by step

Step 3 – Depict the Back

Draw a small corner in the background if you want to draw a fold-out Valentine’s card. Try to draw straight lines.

valentine stuff drawing lesson

Step 4 – Add the Main Picture

Draw a rough outline of the central image of the postcard. In fact, it can be anything, like flowers or funny animal faces. In our case, this is the sign of Valentine.

how to draw valentine stuff

Step 5 – Draw the Letters

Add a signature. Write the name of the phrase that should be located on the front of your creation. Come up with the perfect font for this in advance.

valentine card drawing lesson

Step 6 – –°lean up the Whole Drawing

Delete extra lines. Check the correctness and symmetry of all lines and all shapes, starting with the first step.

valentine card drawing tutorial

Step 7 – Color this Card

Choose any colors you like. We chose reds and pinks to create the perfect Valentine’s Day theme. The font and picture may have different colors, but we preferred this design.

how to draw a valentine card 

So, that was a great lesson. I hope you drew the coolest Valentine card ever. If you encounter any difficulties, do not forget to write about it in the comments. We will definitely consider your message and try to adapt subsequent lessons even more carefully.

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