How to Draw a Valentine Bear

how to draw a valentine bear

In this drawing guide, I will tell you about how to draw a Valentine Bear. This cute toy has become a real symbol of Valentine’s Day. This is natural, because a teddy bear is one of the most common gifts. If you want to draw it just follow these steps and you will get great results.

How to Draw a Valentine Bear

Step 1 – Draw the Basic Contours

First, draw the basic outlines of the head and torso of this bear. Use smooth round shapes like in my sample. The body is slightly longer than the head, but the head is slightly wider.

valentine stuff drawing tutorial

Step 2 – Add the Ears

This tutorial contains very few details. You can only see the basic details here. So, draw the approximate contours of the ears and a small circle in the lower part of the face.

how to draw a valentine teddy bear

Step 3 – Depict the Facial Features

Draw the basic features of the face. Pay attention to the distance between the eyes and their shape. These details greatly shape the appearance of the entire character.

learn how to draw a teddy bear

Step 4 – Add Valentine’s Heart

It is impossible to imagine our drawing without this thing, right? Draw a Valentine’s heart over the outlines of the torso from the first step. A larger Valentine card will hide even more of our bear’s torso and head.

how to draw valentine stuff

Step 5 – Draw the Hands

Add the outlines of the paws. Fortunately, there is no need to detail the fingers here, so this is a very simple step. Pay attention only to the gradual increase in the size of the paws anteriorly due to perspective.

valentine bear sketch

Step 6 – Draw the hind legs

The hind legs should be much larger than the front. Don’t worry if it looks like too big shapes.

how to draw valentine things

Step 7 – Add the circles inside the outer paths

Just a couple more strokes. Draw the inner parts of the hind legs. It looks like a pair of large ovals that are directed in different directions.

valentine bear drawing lesson

Step 8 – Delete all extra lines

Erase all extra lines. Check that all final lines and proportions are correct.

valentine bear drawing tutorial

Step 9 – Color It

Choose any color for the bear of your choice. I decided that light brown is a great option. Of course, the perfect color for a Valentine’s Heart is red.

how to draw a valentine bear

We hope this drawing tutorial was really helpful for you. Don’t forget to write to us about whether you managed to create awesome art. We are looking forward to your comments!


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