How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex. We have separated this task into a few simple steps.

Step 1

Firstly, draw three rounded shapes. If you swap the middle and upper shapes, it will look like a snowman who is located diagonally. You should not draw perfectly even circles in this step, this is just a sketch for further actions.

how to draw a tyrannosaurus rex step by step


Step 2

First, connect the upper edges of the circles from the last step using a smooth line. After that, we outline the extremities of our dinosaur. As you know, the T-Rex had huge, powerful hind legs and very short front legs. Let’s reflect this feature in our sketch.

how to draw a tyrannosaurus rex from jurassic world

Step 3

We continue to draw our prehistoric predator. In this step, we outline the contours of the upper jaw. This is an uneven shape that looks a bit like a horizontal oval. The front edge of the oval should be slightly pointed without narrowing.

how to draw a tyrannosaurus rex easy


Step 4

Add the contours of the lower jaw. It should look like a triangle with very smooth and rounded corners. Pay attention to the proportions and location relative to the upper jaw. Connect the maxilla and mandible with a small smooth line.

how to draw a tyrannosaurus rex step by step easy


Step 5

In this very simple step, we will connect the head and torso of our dinosaur. For this, we use two smooth curved lines as in our sample. The bottom line should be significantly shorter than the top.

how to draw a realistic tyrannosaurus rex


Step 6

This is a very short step. Here we outline the contours of the eye and the superciliary arch. You should not draw a very large eye. It is also important to maintain a close distance between the superciliary arch and the eye. We do not need to draw a particularly large eye to get the impression of a predator with small evil eyes.

how to draw a cartoon tyrannosaurus rex


Step 7

So we continue this guide on how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Let’s draw small pointed teeth. In fact, these are not as small teeth as you might think. The teeth of this predator reach 30 centimeters in length. We see small teeth in our drawing due to the reduced scale.

how to draw a tyrannosaurus rex in steps

Step 8

The short front legs of the tyrannosaurus in comparison with the huge powerful hind legs are a real meme. Typically, I use illustrations of the tyrannosaurus limbs to laugh at any noticeable contrast. Now we will draw just such small and weak forelegs of our huge pangolin.

tyrannosaurus rex drawing easy

Step 9

But the powerful, large tail of a tyrannosaurus is no laughing matter. This is a very serious weapon and an important part of the body that is responsible for balance during jumping and running. Let’s draw it.

tyrannosaurus rex drawing jurassic park

Step 10

Another very serious thing in the physique of our prehistoric killer is the hind legs. Let’s turn them over with smooth and even lines. In shape, it is quite similar to the hind legs of a horse.

tyrannosaurus rex drawings

Step 11

We are already approaching the finals. You can guess this if you look at the steps in this step. As a rule, we always move in the direction from head to tail. So, we add powerful clawed legs and slightly draw fingers.

t rex drawing cute

Step 12

We remove all unnecessary lines from our beautiful Tyrannosaurus. It should be a beautiful and proportional sketch. If you see errors or distortion, correct it before we start working with colors.

t rex drawing step by step

Step 13

So we have the last step. Here we will colorize our huge scary prehistoric monster. You can choose any color to your taste, however, too bright tones can affect realism.

How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

We have completed this rather difficult guide. Many in childhood loved to draw dinosaurs. We hope that those of you who love this will try to draw the Rex Tyrannosaurus using our tutorial.


  1. This is a good tutorial,but I would of enjoyed it more if it explained how to draw the legs and hands.

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