How to Draw a Taco

How to draw a taco

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a taco – one of the favorite dishes of the team.

There are a huge number of very different types of this Mexican dish in the world, but using this lesson on how to draw a taco, you can draw any of these variations.


How to Draw a Taco

Step 1 – Sketch out the Outlines of the Taco

We all know the famous outline of this dish. Using very light lines sketch out the outlines of the taco. Don’t try to get perfectly smooth lines.

How to sketch a taco

Step 2 – Start Drawing the Filling of the Taco

The most important thing about tacos is its filling. Starting from this step, we will just draw the filling of the taco. We decided to draw meat, but of course, you can draw any other version of the filling.

How to draw a taco step by step easy

Step 3 – Draw the Rest of the Filling

Over the meat, we decided to draw a part of the filling consisting of different types of vegetables. Here, as in the previous step, you can choose a different taco filling option.

How to draw a taco step by step

Step 4 – Draw the Details of the Filling

By adding small details such as chopped onions, beans, or chili, you can give your taco drawing a more realistic and natural look.

How to draw a taco for beginners

Step 5 – Add the Final Touches

Draw some other vegetables, the texture of the meat and tortilla, add other elements that can make your drawn taco look like a real dish.

How to draw a taco easy

Step 6 – Erase The Construction Lines

Now it’s time to give our drawing of the taco such a finished look as if it’s time to carry it to the table. Using an eraser, get rid of all construction lines, drawn by us in the first steps.

Taco drawing lesson

Step 7 – Color Your Taco Drawing

We decided to use orange for the tortilla, brown for the meat, green, yellow and red for the vegetable filling.

How to draw a taco

As always, at the end of the article, the team of is in a hurry to share with you interesting tricks related to the topic of the drawing lesson.

Shadows always add volume to the drawing. It is the shadows that show the three-dimensionality of the drawn object. Try drawing shadows to make your taco look more real.

Also, try drawing a plate, glass, and some cutlery to form a still life. In addition, you can add other dishes to your drawn food table.

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