How to Draw a Steak

how to draw a steak

Artists and editors of are very fond of steaks, and so in this tutorial, we will show how to draw a steak.

This wonderful meat dish has been known since ancient times because there is nothing easier than to fry a piece of meat on a fire. So, let’s prepare our favorite drawing tools and start the instruction on how to draw a steak.


Step 1

Depict the main shape of the steak with wavy and light lines. The lines should be translucent in the first stages so that we can erase them if necessary. By the way, do not try to exactly repeat the shape of the steak, because it is rarely possible to meet two pieces of meat that are absolutely identical in shape.

how to draw a steak step by step

Step 2

Give some volume to the steak by depicting another wavy line closer to the bottom edge of the main figure.  The lines are still translucent. The outlines of this line should practically follow the shape from the first stage.

how to draw a steak easy step by step

Step 3

Now we begin to give the texture to the steak drawing. Make oblique intersecting lines. You already realized that these are fried strips from the grill. These lines should not be perfectly even, because the fire does not use a ruler when depicting these stripes on a real steak.

how to draw a small steak

Step 4

The time has come to depict the texture of the meat itself. Draw horizontal and vertical small strips on the whole steak.

how to draw a small steak

Step 5

Finally, the most interesting. We give some color and richness to our steak drawing. Paint the steak red-brown. Intersecting strips should be darkened than the rest of the steak.

how to draw a steak

We very smoothly but surely came to the end of the instructions on how to draw a steak. We really hope that the lesson was really simple and affordable. If you liked this instruction, then visit our category called Food, where you will learn how to draw pears, apples, and more.

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