How to Draw a Squid

how to draw a squid

In this very simple ten-stage drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a squid.

This is a rather unusual creature, which due to its appearance has become very popular in modern culture. Various sea monsters and creatures look like squids, and even Squidward, one of the most famous characters from Spongebob is a squid.

Outwardly, this creature looks very simple, and the drawing process is also extremely simple, and in this instruction on how to draw a squid, you will see it for yourself.


Step 1

Firstly, draw a long oval, which will later be the torso of this unusual creature. Do not try to make this oval perfect, because in the future we will fix it repeatedly.

how to draw a squid easy

Step 2

Now draw a large fin at the end of the oval. By the way, this part of the squid’s body is very similar to the old Russian female headdress.

how to draw a squid step by step

Step 3

Now, using a couple of lines, extend the body of the squid towards the tip of the tail. Now the squid drawing looks a bit like a rocket, doesn’t it?

how to draw a squid cartoon

Step 4

Now draw the part of the head where the eyes are. Next, draw the eyes themselves and the folds around them. Finish the stage by drawing the top of the tentacles.

how to draw an easy squid

Step 5

Let’s start drawing the tentacles. First of all, let’s draw those tentacles that are closest to us. Tentacles should be smooth and preferably drawn with long, continuous lines.

how to draw a cartoon squid step by step

Step 6

Now draw two more tentacles, but this time located in the background. Try to make sure that the tentacles point in different directions.

how to draw squidward step-by-step

Step 7

We continue to draw the tentacles. As mentioned earlier, the tentacles should be smooth, long, and looking in different directions.

how to draw cool squid

Step 8

In this stage, we finish drawing tentacles by depicting the last pair. Do not forget to distance the drawing from yourself from time to time in order to better see all the mistakes in it.

how to draw easy squid step by step

Step 9

Now let’s remove all unnecessary construction lines from the squid drawing. This action will help give the sketch a more complete look.

how to draw a pencil squid

Step 10

We decided to paint the squid drawing red, but you can use green, yellow or any other color for this. After coloring the eyes, don’t forget to leave white highlights inside them.

how to draw a squid

If you have already learned how to draw a squid, and want to improve your skills, then try to draw the environment in which the squid usually exists. Try drawing algae, fish, and other sea creatures around it.

If you can already draw squids better than our artists and want to learn how to draw some other living creatures, then go to our category called Animals.

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