How to Draw a Spacecraft

how to draw a spacecraft

We created another drawing guide on how to draw a spacecraft. A distinctive feature of this guide is an unusual angle. Last time, we drew a spaceship with a side view. Now we will try to make it seem like a spaceship is moving in our direction.


Step 1

Firstly we outline the contours of the spacecraft hull. As you can see, we use non-parallel lines. This is a feature of the perspective of our drawing. We strive to pretend that this ship is flying right at us. It will be ideal if you can depict these lines without using a ruler or other tools.

how to draw a spacecraft easy


Step 2

So we unite the lines from the last step using two lines in the front and back. The back line looks very smooth. In front we see a tapering contour.

how to draw a spacecraft step by step


Step 3

So we continue the guide on how to draw a spacecraft in perspective. Now we will depict a tail and small flaps. The flap on the lateral side is formed by an obtuse angle and a horizontal line.

how to draw a spacecraft cartoon

Step 4

Let’s add the circuits of the windshield that looks like a sharp, slightly rounded corner. We also add a horizontal line to the lateral side of our spaceship.

how to draw a spaceship step by step easy


Step 5

According to our old tradition, we leave one step so that you can evaluate your drawing before working with colours. Check the correctness of lines and contours. It should seem like a spaceship is flying right at you. If everything is correct, you can proceed to the next step.

how to draw an cartoon spaceship


Step 6

If you are a lover of astronautics, you probably know that the traditional colors for spaceships are silver and gray. We decided to choose these colors to make our spaceship look realistic despite the cartoony style of drawing.

how to draw a spaceship

It was a pretty simple lesson with an unusual perspective. We hope your spaceship looks as if from a paper sheet it is flying into your reality. Do not forget to visit to receive new drawing guides every day!

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