How to Draw a Skirt

how to draw a skirt

In one of the previous tutorials, the team of showed how to draw a dress, and in this similar instruction, we show how to draw a skirt. This lesson will be one of a series of articles from the Clothing category. As the name implies, there we show how to depict different elements of clothing.

Like all other tutorials from this category, the article on how to draw a skirt will be very simple. It consists of six super simple stages, all new lines of which are painted red.


Step 1

All items are drawn from elementary geometric shapes. And the trapezoid will serve as the initial supporting figure for the skirt drawing.

how to draw a skirt easy

Step 2

Let’s now begin to give our skirt drawing a more beautiful and recognizable look. Depict a waist band at the top. At the bottom, depict the bottom of the skirt.

how to draw a skirt step by step

Step 3

Let’s now depict the texture. To do this, create a series of vertical lines, as the artists of did in the sketch below.

how to draw basic skirt

Step 4

So far, our skirt drawing looks too schematic, it is time now to give the drawing more elegance. Create the bottom of the skirt with a smooth wavy line.

how to draw a cartoon skirt

Step 5

Now take an eraser and use it to clear the skirt drawing of guidelines. Now take a darker pencil or ink and darken the skirt drawing so that it looks more voluminous and aesthetically pleasing.

skirt drawing images

Step 6

You can paint the skirt in any color. We decided to use a very delicate pink color, but the color of your dress may differ from the artwork made by the artists of

how to draw a skirt

We very smoothly but confidently approached the very end of the instruction on how to draw a skirt. As you can see, it is very easy to depict a dress.

But it is possible that only the team of thinks so. Write to us about what you think about the guide on how to draw a skirt.

Your opinion is very important to us, and we read all your comments and messages and respond to many of them.


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